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Thursday, November 15, 2007

These boots are gonna walk all over you

Today was a day of waiting for the bus. A lot. In the morning it was 20 minutes, because there was some traffic light problem in Redmond. In the evening it took me over an hour to get home. Not sure why. Bad bus juju today, I guess.

So I had a lot of time to think about my blog post for the evening. I was just thrilled with my new boots (Sofft Modena III in black leather), which finally arrived from yesterday. I actually first saw them when I was shopping with Kristin a few weekends ago but none of the stores at Bellevue Square (and we checked 3!) had my size. I *love* these boots.

The lacing up the back is fantabulous, but the best part about these: I can walk the 2+ miles to/from the bus comfortably in them. And they have enough of a heel to make me look cute and not seem like "comfort shoes" in the true Seattle sense of the word. Loooooove them. Got lots of compliments today too. Woot.

So that was going to be the end of my post, just some boot drool. But then Grey's Anatomy happened.

Honestly, I've been less than thrilled with it this season so far. Some of my favorite characters are gone: Addison, to her new crappy show, and Burke, because he's intolerant and doesn't know when to keep his mouth shut. And now they seem to be booting Callie as well - such a disappointment. So I was ho-hum about the new season - it's definitely on my priority list to watch, but I haven't really been enraptured yet like I was when we had the DVD marathon weekend for Seasons 1 and 2, or even last season.

Until tonight. The medical emergency was a school bus accident, which caused the hospital to be overrun with teenagers and there were lots of high school culture-related storylines. Which of course I can relate to, having been fairly traumatized by my high school experience. It was cute and funny, and sort of ok through the first 45 min or so. Better than usual, but still nothing superb.

And then Bailey (who always has these great grand speeches!) had her turn, venting her spleen at McDreamy about how "girls like her" never got noticed in high school. And I was just sitting there in shock. Because she was talking about me. (granted, it was relevant to every other geek girl in the history of time). But the emotion, and accuracy of that scene was just un-freakin'-believable. I still get chills thinking about it. I could have written that scene. Heck, I could have performed that scene. The fact that I was watching someone else do it on TV, who doesn't know me, a scene that was written by Hollywood TV script writers? Holy crap, it was amazing.

I know most of you out there don't watch the show, or had different high school experiences, or whatever. But I just had to share. It was like watching myself on TV. I am definitely buying this season on DVD regardless of what else happens, just for that 5 minute scene. Dang.

Friday, May 18, 2007

He wrote her name in the sand

Sometimes I wonder why I have so many CDs when I only listen to a few handfuls of them regularly. But today, I realized that having such a large CD collection (around 250, I think), leads to some magical happy moments.

A few weeks ago I was listening to our local radio station 103.7 The Mountain in my car. They occasionally get fixated on a couple of overrated artists (Los Lonely Boys, John Butler Trio, anyone?) but play a huge variety of music, from 70s classic rock to 80s classics to new folk and alternative stuff.

On this particular Saturday morning they played a song by Canadian superstars Blue Rodeo, called "5 Days in May". It was a gorgeous, haunting song. I filed it away in my brain as a song to look for later on iTunes, and of course promptly forgot about it.

Until yesterday, when I was filling my new iPod Shuffle with music. I came across a 1995 compilation CD from The Mountain in my collection, and found that song! That makes me so happy. I can't figure out why Blue Rodeo never got that popular in the US. I mean, for cryin' out loud, we have thoroughly embraced Bryan Adams, another Canadian, with far less talent. Of course, we are also the land of the Pussycat Dolls, so there you go.

Re: the season finale of Gray's Anatomy last week - how depressing. No one ended up happy, except the Chief and his wife. And it appears from the Internet, etc. that three of the characters won't be with us anymore: Burke, George and Addison. I guess Addison will still be on TV in her crappy new show, but I'm sure as heck not going to watch, even though it stars the yummy Taye Diggs. But I thought Sandra Oh did an *amazing* job in the last scene. I was riveted. My other favorite part? Burke practicing his wedding vows in the OR. And of course, like any other show, they had to have the mega-cliffhanger ending. So cliche. But since it's my current favorite show, I will forgive them.

In other TV news, Jordin and Blake are in the finale on American Idol, as I had predicted. I'm hoping Blake doesn't win at this point, since the AI machine will squelch any actual unique musical talent he has, if he's forced to take their recording contract. This year, they had a songwriting contest for the songs in the finale. I *really* hope someone wrote something that doesn't suck. They haven't managed to get it right in the first four seasons, so here's to hoping they do this time. In the meantime, go download Weird Al's "Do I Creep You Out?"

Today I had a yummy breakfast with our friend Dave at the Brown Bag Cafe in Redmond. They serve pancakes the size of dinner plates. I got strawberry cream cheese French toast, which I wouldn't get again, but it wasn't bad. I can't wait to go back and try the pancakes, the blueberry pancakes and the banana pecan ones.

And as a counterpoint to that breakfast, I went to the gym this morning and did another Week3 of the C25K workout. It was easy (yay) so I think I'm ready to move on to Week 4. Woo hoo!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Leaving me here on my own

Today is the Grey's Anatomy Season 3 Finale. What am I going to do on Thursday nights for the rest of the summer?? I've seen every episode this season, and from the past two seasons. I guess I can still watch the reruns on Lifetime Television for Women. I can't just call it Lifetime, you see, it's always Lifetime Television for Women.

If you liked the old-school Nintendo Super Mario Brothers game, you have to check out this site. It allows you to play it in your browser. It is *exactly* like the original, except it's hard to play on a regular PC keyboard. I bet if you play enough, you'll get used to it. Try it, at least once.

I'm so glad this week is almost over. Work is getting to be quite busy.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

I cannot forget the way I feel right now

So it got to that point on my iPod Shuffle, where I was really sick of the songs on there. It was time to wipe it out and start over so that I would be pushed during my upcoming workouts. That was only one of the small things I had planned to do yesterday. But it inexplicably took all day to get this done.

Our Vista Media Center PC in the living room was totally acting up. Maybe it felt ignored since we hadn't watched any movies on it, or maybe it was cranky because it was missing some critical updates. But this is the machine that holds all of our MP3s from our ripped CDs so it needs to be running properly and working on the network.

Unfortunately, iTunes doesn't yet work with Vista, so in order to get my iPod set up, I need to do it on our office computer, which is all the way upstairs. Anyone who's been to my house knows that there are about 5 mini-flights of stairs between these two computers. So troubleshooting home network issues is not quick, though it does burn calories.

I finally figured out that the stupid Norton firewall, plus some settings in Vista were preventing our XP computer from connecting to the Vista one. At 11pm. Mind you, I started this whole process around noon. Just to be clear, I didn't work on this all day. Which was good, otherwise we'd probably have a very sad Media Center PC with a hammer in it and all of its plastic parts scattered in the living room.

Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, I downloaded about 10 new songs from iTunes in the past couple of weeks. I've been writing down what songs I'd like to download when I hear them so that I remember what I want when I'm on iTunes at home. Here are some of my new favorites:
  • "Little Wonders" - Rob Thomas
  • "Too Little, Too Late" - JoJo
  • "In da Club" - OutKast
  • "Not Ready to Make Nice" - Dixie Chicks
  • "Would You Go With Me" - random country guy

So when I got to the gym today, I fired up the ol' iPod, and had one of the best workouts I've had in ages. I went back to week 3 of the Couch to 5K program, since I haven't run consistently since March. And it was a breeze. I was actually having fun, which is something I rarely experience during exercise. So I'm hoping that by next weekend, I'll be able to start Week 4 again and pick up where I left off.

That was a great way to start the weekend. And tonight, I'm going to see Vienna Teng at the Triple Door. Twice. Woo hoo!

Ooh, and thanks Leslie for pointing out the Grey's Anatomy character quiz! It tells me I am most like Addison: "strong and independent but occasionally need a shoulder to cry on." Interesting. Hopefully that doesn't mean I would also want to be part of a crappy spinoff show. Wow, that show was bad. So if you watch GA, take the quiz and let me know who you are!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Soon we will all find our lives swept away

I finally posted to my work blog after 3 months - yikes. I really should post there more often, at least weekly.

TJ pulled an all-nighter for some unexplained reason last night. He couldn't sleep so he went into work at 2am with Peanut. Apparently Peanut didn't like being at work that late (early?) so he slept nearly all day today. Poor puppy. I think he likes his routine to be predictable.

We took the pups to the dog park today - it was gorgeous out. I look forward to going often this summer, though i really wish Peanut's allergies would clear up. His fur looks awful - all dandruffy and chewed up in parts. Makes me feel like a bad dog parent.

I had lunch with Jenn and she motivated me to get off my butt and sign up for those project management course hours that I need to get the PMP certification. It's something I've vaguely considered for a while, but this week I felt like getting stuff done. My manager agreed that our team's budget could pay for my classes, so I signed up for them this evening. Thanks be to the Internet, so you can get things done without waiting for someone to be in the office.

And now that I can barely keep my eyes open, I'm going to bed. But not before giving Suz a shout out congratulating her on getting her PhD *and* having a kickass job lined up. YAY SUZ!

Oh, and I just finished watching tonight's "Grey's Anatomy". I am *so* not liking this George-Izzy storyline. Callie is totally getting the shaft here, and I completely love her character. Boo. Hopefully she's not leaving the show. Season 3 Finale is next week - what will I watch this summer? Oh wait, nothing. And then maybe I'll get to the gym more often, right?

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Would you lie with me and just forget the world?

OK, I've OD'd on Grey's Anatomy. I've seen 30+ episodes in the last week, thanks to the power of TV on DVD. TJ and I watched the entire first two seasons. Thanks to the Internet, I also know I've only missed a couple of Season 3 episodes, so I'm likely to catch up with reruns by spring. Woo hoo!

It's a well-done show about relationships. Not a lot of yucky medical stuff, but enough that I have to turn away from the TV occasionally, like I do with CSI. They're also surprisingly good at portraying emotions without veering into melodrama, and also inserting some humor right before things get too cheesy. I love it. Though they seem to have a bit of a formula, since every show seems to have its "weepy moment". The director is from Bellevue, which explains why all the Seattle-related stuff on the show is so authentic.

Tomorrow Oprah will be on the set of the show interviewing all the actors. And somewhere in Seattle, her buddy Gayle King will be hosting a fan party, which could be fun, or just filled with creepy people who wish Seattle Grace was a real hospital. I'm not that creepy. Yet.

And speaking of creepy, today's award goes to Creepy Beagle Breeder Man at Marymoor. Our conversation started out normally (for a dog park conversation). He told me Spike was an exceptionally good-looking beagle. Of course he is! Spike gets a lot of compliments, mostly because he's not fat like most beagles. And then Creepy Beagle Breeder Man asked if he was neutered, then was disappointed to find out he was, because he's got a girl beagle with similar markings and they'd make great puppies, blah blah blah. Like what we need in this world is more beagle puppies from some half-assed backyard breeder.

If you haven't figured it out, I'm a big fan of getting a dog from rescue organizations and shelters. And of spaying/neutering. There are just too many dogs out there that no one wants, and not enough room to shelter all of them. If it weren't for TJ being the voice of reason, I'd be Crazy Dog Lady with a houseful of dogs. Now I'm just Crazy Dog Lady with 2 dogs.

And that's my Public Service Announcement for the day.

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