Friday, October 14, 2011

My first guest blogger gig

A coworker, Betsy Speare, started a Women in Technology blog and put out a call for guest bloggers. A TON of people have contacted me lately wanting to talk about working part-time, so I figured I'd write a sort of "how-to" on getting your ideal work schedule.

Betsy sent a link to my post around to a BUNCH of people at the company and outside it, with some very nice comments.  What a lovely surprise in the middle of my day.  When I sent her the draft last Friday, I figured she might not like the informal tone.  But she did, she published it, and now a bunch of people are reading it.  Super cool.

It is SO easy for me to write about things I'm excited about.  Which is why you see a million posts about BabyT, the dogs, and the gadget I just bought, and nothing about current events, the merits of one programming language over another, or a detailed log of the healthy food I ate or the exercise I did.

I'll probably write another guest post for Betsy's blog, so while you're reading my post, go subscribe to her blog as well :)  You can even get the posts emailed to you.

Also, my post could use a little comment love, so please go there and a tiny comment to start the discussion.  Thank you!

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