Friday, April 22, 2005

The End Game

Only 2 more weeks until the wedding. Woo hoo! I think I can knock out most of the final details this weekend. TJ had a brilliant idea - rather than printing the programs ourselves, why not just send the file to Kinkos and have them make the copies. I have already designed the program, I was just putting off the tedium of printing 40 double sided copies and folding them. At this point I'm willing to pay someone else to do it.

Reason #n I am glad to be marrying him.

Next weekend is the last one before the wedding. TJ will be gone most of the day both days at a motorcycle track day. People seem amazed that I "let him" go. He was nice enough to ask me, but there's no way I'd tell him not to have fun and relax before all the wedding hoo-hah starts. I'd want the same from him. I think we have pretty similar ideas on that stuff - there are things we like to do independently of each other, and we're not too particular about it being a long time apart, etc. It seems to be working well for us.

We went to Claim Jumper for dinner. I was craving their spinach salad (no crunchy noodles, no bacon, dressing on the side) and their giant chocolate cake (bring it on!). For the first time in months I didn't feel guilty about eating something "forbidden". I guess it helped that when I weighed myself this morning it's one of the lowest numbers I've seen in the last 5 years (woo hoo!). I started counting Weight Watchers points just to see how I'm doing, and it's difficult, but doable. I've got a couple more appointments with Sarah, then I'm on my own. I think my last appointments with Nelson will be next week. (Whatever will I do with all that extra cash and no one yelling at me to work harder!) I'm kind of looking forward to having a lot fewer "appointments" each week. Those guys were really helpful but I want to settle into my own kind of routine, with the new job, once the wedding is over.

I walked to work the last couple of days. The weather here has been lovely. Makes me really glad to live here. Plus the walk is almost all uphill on the way to work, which is a pretty decent workout and gives me time to figure out what my plan is for the day. I'm trying to walk 2-3x a week, since it's good for me and only takes about 25 minutes. It's also good for my car and good for my wallet since I almost never have to buy gas when I walk that much.

Well, this should be a mellow weekend. I pick up my wedding dress tomorrow. I guess that means I shouldn't lose 10 more pounds in the next couple of weeks. There's probably no danger in that since it's taken me the better part of a year to lose 16... But it makes me feel confident about keeping it off as I'm not working too hard to maintain it. Getting it to go lower is another story, though.

Next weekend there is a beagle play date at a dog park I haven't been to, near Lake Washington, south of Seattle. I will probably take Spike so he can socialize with other beagles and I can get my share of beagle lovin' since Spike isn't all that cuddly. Plus it's something I know TJ will be glad to miss. Hopefully Peanut won't be too sad to be left at home.

I've been up since 4:30am with only an hour's nap so I'm ready to get some zzzz's. Peace out.

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