Saturday, January 28, 2006

A melody softly soaring through my atmosphere

Wow, I've been busy, and haven't written much. Since I'm feeling a bit lazy about the whole thing, I'm going to take the easy way out and fill out this random blog chain letter thingy:

Four Jobs You Have Had In Your Life:
1. Barista
2. Scientist
3. Arby's Cashier
4. Project Manager

Four Movies You Could Watch Over and Over:
1. The Breakfast Club
2. Bend it like Beckham
3. Crimson Tide (zero bubble)
4. Legally Blonde

Four Places You Have Lived:
1. Pittsburgh, PA (go Steelers!)
2. Pasadena, CA
3. Seattle, WA
4. Butte, MT (only during the week, for a year)

Four TV Shows You Love To Watch:
1. American Idol
2. The Closer
3. Project Runway
4. Law & Order (though the guy on CI is soooo annoying!)

Four Places You Have Been on Vacation:
1. Las Vegas
2. Vancouver
3. Hawaii (22 years ago!)
4. My house (sometimes the best vacation is when you don't have to go anywhere!)

Four Websites You Visit Daily:
1. Spike, Peanut & Me
2. CNN
3. Weight Watchers
4. Google

Four Of Your Favorite Foods:
1. Macaroni & Cheese
2. Sushi
3. French Fries
4. Anything Mexican

Four Places You Would Rather Be Right Now:
1. Singapore
2. Hawaii
3. Las Vegas
4. Anywhere with sun

Four Bloggers You Are Tagging:
1. Suz
2. Lisa
3. Dave
4. Experiglot

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Tequila in his heartbeat

Happy Anniversary to my parents, who have been married for 36 years today! Wow, what a long time. I hope they're having fun in Vegas, the ideal place for any celebration.

I've been less than motivated to do much of anything lately. Lots of work to do, tons of little things around the house, and I still can't get rid of this cough. Plus I'm having some trouble sleeping, which is insane. I'm the "fall asleep anywhere, need 10 hours a night" kind of girl so it's freaky to lie in bed and not be able to sleep.

I started lifting weights again (for real) on Sunday after hearing Dr. Pamela Peeke speak at Microsoft's Women's Conference last week. She talked about the importance of taking care of yourself, "removing" extra weight (because you usually want to find things you lost!) and the importance of building up muscle. All things I know, but needed to hear again. Now I'm just really, really sore.

Peanut and Spike are loving life now that TJ is home during the day. Trips to the dog park, a nice warm place to sleep and a person to entertain them. What more could they ask for? Life is good for these dogs.

Monday, January 09, 2006

The red thread that binds me to you binds her to me

Yay. I have a nice life. What brought on this spewage of happiness? I just booked our tickets to Hawaii today, for the postponed honeymoon. We will be spending 10 days on Oahu, 5 days at some Marriott resort thanks to some deal they sent us through the mail, and then another 5 days, hopefully in the Kailua area, in a rental cottage TBD. I am using my Alaska Airlines miles, accumulated from my years at Deloitte, so our tickets are free. (woo hoo!).

So I have a couple of months to get into decent bathing suit shape. Should be doable with the freakish 5 lb loss I had this week. I realize that was an anomaly, and some of that weight will come right back this week, but it was nice to see. I hope to get back to the gym by this weekend.

I almost fell asleep at work today so I worked a few hours then came home and took a glorious 4 hour nap. It'll be nice to be over this illness. I feel a lot better, but still pretty tired. The next couple of days is the "Women's Conference" at work - should be fun.

Yay for Hawaii!

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

This is the land of the living

Ok, I'm finally lucid enough to post again. I haven't been this ill in ages. After Saturday, it just went downhill. I finally got to the Dr. yesterday and she gave me the usual Z-pack and benzonate cough pills. She's really nice, but I don't have a lot of confidence in her diagnoses. I think once I'm better, I'll find a new doctor. I'm somewhat afraid that what I have is viral and the antibiotics are unnecessary. Then again, on Day 2 of the antibiotics, I am feeling better. So who knows.

Now TJ is sick too, so we're a pretty sad bunch. Basically we've spent all day, one of us in bed and one of us on the couch downstairs. We're kind of in that "don't come near me" icky sick phase. We did watch "The Closer" last night - another super episode! (That made me think of Big Gay Al on South Park - Super!)

The good news is that I'm not especially hungry so I'm not tempted to eat everything in sight. TJ made the executive decision to take the cake over to John and Jenna's on Saturday, which leaves us with the much less dangerous champagne. Which neither one of us has any desire to drink now anyway.

Well, back to another day in bed. I think the dogs have figured out that we're sick because they seem to be less fidgety and ok with just sleeping in the same room as we are. Peanut comes over every now and then and gives us a delicate lick to make sure we're ok, I guess. If I get really adventurous I might try to throw in a load of laundry. Good times!

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