Thursday, March 24, 2011

Watch the rest go up in smoke

I guess if I’m going to deliberately take a break, I should post something to that effect. I got dropped from my ad network for inactivity, but I think it’s ok. The overachiever in me wants to try and monetize my two blogs, and live that “Four Hour Workweek” life, but that’s in addition to being a wife and mama, my “real” job at the Empire, and my Etsy shop. Plus any miscellaneous crafting I might try to squeeze in.

It was just *too* much. So I stopped doing a lot of things. Part of the crazy was trying to have too many backup plans; specifically backup plans in case things didn’t work out with my job. Part of it is that T is older, and more active so we try to go out and do lots of things – meet people, take classes, experience life. It’s not unlike socializing a puppy

My baby girl is 18 months old now, which is truly astonishing. I remember thinking that sounded so *old* when we were measuring her age in weeks. And those toddlers we saw out and about seemed so HUGE. And crazy.

We’re lucky to have a pretty mellow girl, still. We do get the occasional meltdown when she is tired or hungry, and ‘no’ is her favorite word, but overall, she is a bundle of awesome. I can almost have a real conversation with her. She used four words together today, for the first time, which floored me – “all done warm milk”. That’s almost a sentence. Holy crap!

She knows the words ‘astronaut’, ‘rocket’, and ’octopus’. She can recognize most of the alphabet, colors in a Crayola 8-box plus pink, and can sometimes count to 8-ish. Where does this come from?? We don’t drill her on flashcards, and I know they’re pretty low key at daycare, but she does ask “wakawa?” about everything she sees. (That means “What’s that?” in T-speak.) I love it. Everything is interesting to her, so hanging out with her is super fun.

I’m ready for her to start walking, though. I know in my heart that she’ll walk when she’s good and ready, but it’s hard to cross that 18-month line with no sign of independent walking. But she, like her mama, is NOT a risk-taker, and she needs a lot of “study time” before she’s willing to do something. So now I just get to hear about how big girls and big boys walk, everytime we see other kids. She’s paying attention, that one.

So I’m focusing on her, and our little family for now. All the other stuff can wait.

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