Sunday, April 24, 2011

I am gonna stand my ground

I actually miss blogging. I guess there is some part of me that needs to write something other than an email imploring someone for the 36th time to update their compliance data in the database I manage for work.
So it’s nearly the end of April and no sign of spring yet in Seattle. For some reason, I hadn’t really noticed until other people started complaining about it. That must mean I’m getting used to the dreary greyness. We have had a few sunny days, or at least partially sunny/dry days so I’ve been able to take T out for a walk. She really likes being outside and watching the world from her stroller, so she’ll often ask for “walk? park?”. Which is good motivation for me. Gotta model those healthy habits, right?

And speaking of healthy habits, gaah. We got the photos back from Trillian’s 18 month photo shoot at Seattle Art Museum with our favorite photographer. They’re gorgeous. Except for the handful which accent exactly how out of shape I am. It’s always a photo that does that, right?

When I signed up (again) for Weight Watchers online in December, I made a promise to myself that I would keep paying for it until I got into the habit of actually using it, and following it. Not necessarily to perfection, but just enough to track what I’m eating and you know, try to give a damn. As usual, I do really well the first couple of weeks, and then there’s one day where I get really busy and forget to track, and the next thing I know, it’s 3 weeks later and I’m back to eating bread pudding from Whole Foods because there isn’t anything else around that I want to eat for dinner. T’s picky-toddler food of sausage, soybeans, and sushi rice just doesn’t appeal to me, oddly enough.

It’s all about the planning. If I make sure that I have reasonably healthy choices, and actually do the shopping, and make it a point to eat before I’m ravenous, it’s a piece of cake (hehe, pun intended). Like today, for example. T has been sick and we can’t really leave the house, so I planned ahead last night and ordered groceries from Amazon Fresh to be delivered at the crack of dawn. I actually thought about what we were going to eat and got some good stuff for both of us. I channeled my 50s American housewife and made meatloaf today. (Note to self: Progresso breadcrumbs and frozen ground beef != good meatloaf). I drank 6 cups of water and ate a bunch of fruit. I tracked everything I ate. And honestly, I’m not hungry or feeling deprived. It was actually EASY.

And I know it’s easy. I know what I need to do, but I just can’t seem to make the time to Just.Do.It. I always seem to be waiting for that huge block of free time which never comes. I’ve also spent an inordinately large amount of free time working on Etsy orders, so I’ve really decided not to take any more custom work. It’s really hard not to obsess over my sales numbers, but I was spending enough time on it that it was like a 2nd (3rd?) job.

So yeah, here’s to one day of doing the right thing, and working hard to have that happen more often than not. Once it gets nicer out and T kicks this virus, we’re going to get out and do some walking. Maybe even at the Park! with Boogle!

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