Saturday, May 28, 2005

Here I am, once again

I'm so happy it's a long weekend! Maybe I'll finally get a chance to organize the kitchen and figure out where all the new stuff *really* goes. Right now we've just put stuff away to get it off the counter, but nothing is in a truly intuitive place.

I had a brainwave this morning when I woke up (I tend to have good ideas, or come up with major life plans before I get out of bed...) I think I want to try to get a second bachelor's degree in Computer Science. I don't have enough CS background to get a Master's Degree, but I really do want to learn the theory and start from the basics. I have a little bit of programming background but just taking programming classes isn't satisfying for me. I found a program which might fit into my work schedule and looks really interesting - Computer and Software Systems at the Bothell campus of University of Washington. It's closer to where we live than the main UW campus and also has more of a focus on what you would do with a CS degree, with classes in management, technical writing, etc. I'm really intrigued by this.

The deadline to apply for Fall quarter is July 1, which is right around the corner. The cool thing about starting this year would be that I could collect the $5K tuition reimbursement from Microsoft for this year, as well as next year - it's done by calendar year.

But do I really want to go back to school? And do I really want to pay for it? But it would be the first time I went to school to study something I really enjoyed, with no eye on what kind of job it would get me, etc. And that really appeals to me. Plus, I'm good a being a student. I thought about this a year ago, when I decided to put it on hold to focus on the wedding. So now, I'm free to think about it again. Hmmm.

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  1. Is that Kelly Clarkson?

    More education is never a bad idea. Never stop learning. Just be sure that the new husband is onboard.


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