Friday, June 03, 2005

Hold me close now Tony Danza

Yes, I know that's not the actual lyric. But that's what I hear.

After about 2.5 hours I finally got my stupid DrawRocket program to work. I thought it would be all easy but it turns out I have some sort of mental defect when it comes to drawing ASCII rockets. I had the hardest time understanding which for loops should be nested, and which index to use. I guess that was the point of the assignment. It was nice to learn something, though I do a lot of trial and error programming - write something, compile it and run it to see if it worked. I guess I should resist the urge and try to write the whole thing before compiling it so I don't waste time.

TJ poked at the computer some more and decided it was dead, probably the motherboard. We decided to buy an IBM computer to replace ours, and used TJ's dad's employee family/friends discount. Thank you Mr Creath! TJ also bought a snazzy brick of a laptop. I'm not sure if it's "our" laptop or "his" laptop. I guess I'll find out when it shows up, but it's not cute and portable like the new Sony VAIOs anyway. Speaking of which, I am eligible to get a new laptop for work in November and I am seriously coveting the VAIO. If I do get into the B.S. program, it'll be great to have a tiny laptop that's easy to carry around. My current one, a Dell Latitude C600, is just a bit too heavy to be really convenient.

I got more bummer news from the CSS Admissions Counselor today, about how she talked to the admissions committee and how they felt my application is weak in Math but they couldn't definitively tell me whether I should retake Calculus at UW this summer until they see my whole app. (By which time it'll be too late for me to register for another summer class anyway.) But honestly, I don't wanna retake calculus. I passed the terms at Caltech they need for the program. So I'm just going to apply and hope for the best. A friend of mine from Caltech, who also happens to be research faculty at UW, has offered to write a letter vouching for math at Tech and explaining the situation. He rocks. :)

In my applications for grad school, college, etc., the following schools have rejected me: Princeton, MIT (twice! bastards!), and UCSF. I'm really hoping UW-Bothell isn't going to join that list. (one of these things is not like the others...) Especially since this is the only degree I've wanted to get just for pure learning's sake and not for some future career plan. Maybe that's why I'm obsessing about it so much.

Thanks everyone for your comments. For 5 minutes today I tried Haloscan's comment/trackback features, until I realized it zaps all your Blogger comments and you can't see them anymore. So I removed it. Boo to Haloscan! TTFN!

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  1. What an odd coincidence. I woke up in the middle of the night last night and the TV set was still on--an old episode of "Who's the Boss".


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