Sunday, June 19, 2005

You found me when no one else was looking

Ugh. I really should get to bed. Or at least finish reading about Arrays before my programming class starts tomorrow. I cranked through two more programming exercises yesterday to try and catch up before my class starts. I've still got 2 more left, which hopefully I can work on this week just to confirm that I know the material from the pre-requisite class.

Looks like my first assignment for the class I'm taking is due on Sunday (my birthday, boo!).

I finished the application for the B.S. program I'm applying to, and Leslie was nice enough to agree to mail it for me. She, Jorge, and their adorable French Bulldog puppy Lola are staying with us while they look for a place to live. I'm so happy they decided to live in Seattle.

This has been a wildly productive weekend. I went to the gym, got a new driver's license with my new married name, wrote and mailed some more thank-you notes, returned a few things at Macy's and used up a bunch of our Macy's credit buying leftover things from our registry, weeded the front yard, went out to dinner with Dre, Dave, Michelle and Trayci, posted some Las Vegas pictures online, completed two programming assignments and read 2 chapters of the textbook, bought my dad a Father's Day present, bought my mom's birthday present, took out the trash, called my parents, returned library books and got new ones, printed out all the bus schedules, syllabus, etc. that I need for class tomorrow, and finished this week's laundry. Wow, I actually feel really good about this list.

Some weekends are just great for getting stuff done. This was one of them and I actually feel like I'm ready to tackle the week ahead. Woo hoo! Have a great week, everyone.

And Happy Father's Day, Appa!


  1. Wow. I wish I could get that much done on weekends. I just don't know where the time goes.

  2. I want some of what you're having!

    Did you stop to eat more than once? What about sleep? I must have my beauty slumber. I wish I had your energy, I get worn out after folding just one load of laundry.
    Whew, in fact just commenting here has taken it's toll.

  3. Skewedview - I definitely stop to eat, believe me :) And I think I got in a nap or two. I agree that the beauty slumber is important!


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