Monday, August 29, 2005

Raging at unreachable glory

I got my prize from the San Jose Mercury News fashion editor today - it's Hollywood Glo body luster powder from Benefit Cosmetics. It's like they know me and my desire to be girly and glittery!!

I also made an appointment to speak with the UW Bothell CSS Program adviser next week. I'm going to ask her if it's possible to register for 0 or 1 class only per quarter, based on how my schedule goes. I'm thinking of registering for the Technical Writing course next quarter, which meets on Saturdays only. I think it's something I can handle, since it's only once a week, and on the weekend.

I have been so good this week - 3 days sticking to the Weight Watchers plan. (I'm not kidding, this is a streak for me.) It's actually getting easier and I'm much happier eating the stuff I made - it just seems healthier.

Thanks to Leslie for providing me with a new website I think is just SO cool, even more so because it's an Idealab! company. It's basically a cross between Friendster and ePinions. You write reviews of local businesses that you can share with friends. We're always doing this via word of mouth, so it's cool to have a site for it. I use mailing lists at work to get this info, but I like this site so much better! Let me know and I'll send you an "invite" to be in my network. You can get $5 Starbucks cards for writing 5 reviews. I wrote my first 5 today. Leslie is way ahead of me with 50! :)

Well, back to reading Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.


  1. Just wanted to give you some encouragement regarding WW. I think their points system is very good and it helped me lose a bunch of weight while in grad school. With regular exercise, I got down to about 175 back in 2002. I've been real good at staying between 180-185 since then. At some point I quit following the WW system and looked into a couple other diet systems - something based on metabolic profiling (I forget the name - it was through a company called HealthETech) and the South Beach Diet. While Phase I of SBD sucks, the Phase II/III menu is reasonable to good. I know its hard to do, but its worth it. I feel like I have more energy and am happier since I lost a bunch of weight (I figure I was over 220 at the outset, though I didn't weigh myself then). Anyhow, stick with it! It gets easier.

  2. Thanks Jon! Once I started eating at home more, WW became a lot easier as I eat pretty healthy on my own. SBD was just too damn hard for me, and can you believe I didn't lose a pound the first week of Phase I, which made me think it was totally not worth the suffering. Only 32 more pounds to go, if it's even possible ;)

  3. ooo - invite me into your network!

    good luck with everything. Sounds like a lot of things to do at once, with classes and all, but if anyone can do it, you can.

  4. Hi Anandi,
    Congratulations on everything. And please sign me up for your insiderpages network!


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