Thursday, August 25, 2005

so inconceivable

Quick update as I wait for Yamini and Leslie to meet me. Tonight we're going to see Princesses, a musical at the 5th Avenue Theater downtown. A girl I knew from Pittsburgh, Anisha Nagarajan, is in it. Plus it's a contemporary musical about high school girls. What's not to love, for a Girls' Night Out? Before the show, we're going to eat at Andaluca. I've been wanting to try this place for a long time, and I looove tapas.

Oh, right, I got sidetracked at the thought of yummy Spanish food. The pic above is my left eyeball. Isn't that cool? My eye doctor, Dr. Barry, asked me if I wanted him to email it to me, and I said no at first, thinking "who wants a picture of their eyeball", but then I realized it would be cool to post on my blog. I was happy to see that the eye doctor uses Windows XP and Outlook. He's also got these neato sideburns and is *really* tall. Not that I'm checking out my eye doctor or anything, but he just doesn't look like an optometrist - maybe what those hip 20 year old guys who are straight, but care about what kind of shoes they wear, look like when they grow up.

And I got a 4.0 in CSE143. Yay! I guess my obsessing paid off. But I am *so* glad it's over. And taking more classes just doesn't sound appealing right now. I am way more productive at work now that I don't have a 2 hour distraction in the middle of the day!

I've been doing pretty well keeping my food journal, too. I had a miserable day Monday because I ate a bunch of garbage on the plane, so I used most of my "extra" points up that day. And I totally stopped tracking while I was in Savannah. Which means I need to be very monastic about what I eat the rest of the week. Something tells me Andaluca isn't going to help this. But I guess I can stick to the plan tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday since we don't have plans to eat out. If I can just keep my weight steady this week, I'll be happy. I'm not sure how people can stand to weigh themselves every day. I would freak out - once a week is bad enough, and it's so dumb to worry about a number like that anyway. I removed the weight loss ticker because I couldn't change it without creating a new one on the site and reposting it. Stupid. I'll come up with some other way to post progress here. (More for me than for you...)

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  1. the picture is très cool...
    and with the weight, it always seemed to me that my own weight would fluctuate plus or minus five pounds anyway during the month, so there doesn't seem to be a point in weighing oneself too often.


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