Wednesday, September 07, 2005

How does it feel?

Still playing around with the "look" of the page. Lord knows I was never meant to be a graphic designer. Bear with me - I'll get it right eventually!


  1. Well, I've been getting the RSS feed for a couple weeks now so I haven't seen the iterations of the page design. But now I have come to look at it and I can say that these colors make my head hurt. I don't know if its the red or the blue or what. Sorry. :(

  2. I liked the green (or the green + cells in header) better too. The background + pink + red makes the page look like it's got measles or something else contagious and feverish. (Could it be you subconsciously matched your blog to feeling ill?) Might be my runaway imagination though.

    Reading about dieting and Stan telling me some sugar substitutes are left-handed sugars (enantiomorphs) so as to make them undigestible put an idea for a cartoon into my head: a cake recipe of the future, where the ingredients call for 1/2 C left-handed sugar, 1/2 C left-handed butter, etc., the implication being that since this country insists dieting through eating, the trend would be to make foods that can't be digested. Not being a bio/chem major though, I have no idea if there are such things as left-handed fats and other things, and would dread making a cartoon of something that's entirely inaccurate. Anyone enlighten me?

    Too bad the cartoon has no audience. It would be entirely too obscure for anyone "normal" to actually understand, and I'd be surprised if scientists working on this aren't doing so for this specific, big $ reason.

  3. There are certainly oils/fats that the human body can't metabolize. Of course you get the 'anal leakage' problem (cf. olestra)...

    My current sugar substitute of choice is sucralose, a fluorinated sucrose, that cannot be broken down by endogenous enzymes.


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