Tuesday, September 06, 2005

What can I say?

I'm sick ;( Boo. I missed Extreme Body Makeover, which, as it turns out, got cancelled since the instructor was sick too.

We're going to Tucson this weekend for TJ's grandmother's 90th birthday, so I hope to recover before that. Being sick on a plane is *not* fun. I'm excited because we'll be staying at the Arizona Inn, which is supposed to be pretty nice, and is also supposed to have a lovely Sunday brunch, which we're eating with the family.

I dragged myself out of bed to go to my UW Bothell advising appointment today, which was surprisingly helpful even though I've been stalking the course listings and planning my schedule online for months now. The advisor, Dina, was great. She even suggested that I should apply for jobs when I get close to finishing the program in order to negotiate a better salary or better role. It's something I hadn't even thought about. We'll see how it goes. Maybe I'll hate programming when I'm forced to do a lot of it. Turns out that even if I only take 1 class per quarter, I can graduate by Winter 2009. That sounds like a long way off, but it's really not bad and the courseload shouldn't be too painful that way. I can also take Summer and another quarter off per year, if I need to, without any problems. She said about 50% of the students in the program are "nontraditional" like me. Woo hoo!

So I've decided to take Technical Writing this quarter, on Saturdays. I ordered my new pink messenger bag from eBags. It was much cheaper than the Timbuk2 and some of the money goes to a good cause (Susan G Komen foundation for breast cancer research). If it's a horrible bag, I'll go back and order the Timbuk2.

I have been stalking my TabletPC via FedEx, and it's now in Seattle. I think it should show up at our mailroom tomorrow, and should be in my grubby little hands on Thursday. Yay!!

I also ordered my books on Barnes and Noble online - they were cheaper there than the University Bookstore, and also less hassle since they'll just be sent to me. Class starts October 1, and runs for 10 weeks. I'm pretty excited. I love the chance to do college over again now that I'm "older and wiser". Or just older anyway! Plus, CS is just cool.

Off to watch Rock Star:INXS and consume more hot tea. Where is everyone lately? I've gotten hardly any comments on the last couple of posts. Makes me feel lonely. (sniff).


  1. So...how is EBM going for you? Thanks for posting on my site. I have been on vacation, but how I would have responded had I seen your post earlier...you must keep in mind that I am a complete wimp. Don't let my whining scare you. So...do you like it? Who is your instructor?

  2. Wel, we haven't had class yet, so it's going fine :). Last Thursday was measurements, and Tuesday was cancelled, so I guess I'll find out tomorrow. Wish me luck! The instructor is Andri, and she mentioned running outside and running up and down stairs, which gives me the willies. But it's good for me, right?

  3. Guess you changed your mind about school.I think it is a good idea to take one course per session.Hope you feel better before your trip to Arizona.

  4. We never ran outside...but we definitely ran the stairs. I hope to never see those stairs again.


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