Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Imagine all the people, living life at peace

Dear Mr. Balding 40-something Overgrown Frat Boy with Cell Phone Earpiece:

I was so pleased to meet you today at Crossroads Mall, when you pulled out in front of my car to make an illegal U-turn, stopping two lanes of traffic. I understand that it must have been horribly inconvenient for your phone call to be interrupted by my horn honking.

I'm sorry I couldn't step out of my car like you asked, to kiss the boo-boo on your middle finger. Since it was cold out and my windows were up, I couldn't hear the enthusiastic holiday greetings you were yelling at me. Merry Christmas to you too, sir. I hope Santa finally brings you that brain cell.

I suggest taking a course in Effective Communication at your alma mater, FU.



  1. Hey An - You rock! KB

  2. Way to go !I always try to be very cautious driving when I am on the phone.I just got a Blackberry at work.I must say it is pretty nifty even for a guy like me who is not too enamoured of gadgets !!


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