Friday, December 30, 2005

Used to have a little now I have a lot

Just a quick post to mention that TJ rocks. I was bored and milling about the house and he suggested that I actually (god forbid!) use the treadmill I bought and watch TV. Brilliant. I caught up on the Faith Hill and "Crash" Oprah episodes from this week. I'm not actually into Faith Hill but she just seems like a genuinely nice person so it was a nice, pleasant interview to watch. Her songs are just a bit too vanilla for me, nice as background music but they don't really reach out and grab me or anything.

The best part was about this woman, Lori McKenna, who wrote 3 of the songs on Faith's new album. She's a mom in Massachusetts who writes her own songs and somehow they found their way to Faith Hill and she decided to record them. Her voice is great and the one song of hers that she sang was awesome. So it was the usual Oprah, feel-good story about this mom whose life changed by Faith Hill picking her songs. Well, a Google search turned up the backstory. Turns out Lori has several albums out. She's nowhere near the household name that Faith Hill is, but it sucks that Oprah didn't happen to mention these albums at all. Dang, with that kind of audience, she could have at least done that for Lori McKenna. Hopefully others watching will also Google, and find Lori's site. I've bought one of her CDs. Can't wait to get it!

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