Monday, March 20, 2006

Like a parade to usher in your life

Well, today was my last day off. Back to the usual work grind tomorrow. I've been reading my email over the last week and deleting the crap, so I won't have that to deal with, but I do have a ton of people asking me questions I need to answer. (I read the email but consciously forced myself not to reply.)

Making lasagna now - I'm slowly getting the proportions right. Since I use the recipe off the back of the pasta box, but only make it in a 9x9 pan, it's a little tricky. Today it overflowed a little bit, thanks to the ground beef, I think. I put it in there so TJ would eat some. (Apparently vegetarian lasagna does not count as real food in TJ-land.) But I also snuck in some finely grated carrots, onions and spinach, so don't tell him.

Our new goal is to eat at home all week. The post-vacation weigh-in was horrendous for me. I should have been clued in when some of my clothes felt really, really tight, but I was too annoyed to find out the real truth. Arghhh. Anyway, not eating out is an easy fix for me so I'd be stupid not to take that step first. Plus it'll help me get better at cooking, which is something I really like doing anyway.

Off to watch the TiVo'd Project Runway finale (I know, I'm a few weeks behind!). TTFN!

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