Monday, July 03, 2006

Con te partiro

TJ got me a new toy for my birthday last week:

I held out for a long time, and didn't get an iPod because I thought they were overpriced and I could find a player more compatible w/ MS and Windows. Well, I was wrong. 4 unsatisfying MP3 players later, and here I am at the fantabulous 60 GB video iPod. I'm in love.

I had already downloaded a bunch of songs on iTunes (love the idea of buying one song at a time, and their selection is *huge*), and had the 1GB iPod Shuffle for the gym, but I wanted the big one to store my music collection. So I chose the 60GB and even now, with almost all my music on it, it's not even half-full.

I'm getting ready for our trip to Savannah, so I'll write more later on how I got my iPod all set up with my music, some podcasts, pictures, a TV show and some random videos. Should keep me entertained on the 2 5+ hour flights I have coming up in the next week!

One last thing -- Happy Birthday Amma!

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  1. I am so getting an iPod. I have a shopping cart all set up and saved with an iMac and U2 iPod in it. I get their lovely student discount so I simply must buy these things. And my PC is on its last leg anyway. Love the iPod! Happy Birthday.


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