Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Make me a pretty person

I've got two TV shows I absolutely make time to watch. In fact, they're so important I even studied for my statistics class midterm while watching them. The jury is still out on how well that worked out for me...

One is Rock Star:Supernova and the other is Project Runway (Season 3). While none of the candidates on Rock Star have really impressed me consistently, on Project Runway, there are several really talented ones.

The challenge on today's episode was great - each designer had to design for one of the others' moms or sisters, most of whom were plus sized. And oddly enough, this stumped a few of the designers. I guess that shouldn't have been surprising to me, but I figured if you called yourself a designer who actually makes clothes (as opposed to pseudo designers like Gwen Stefani, J. Lo and the Olsen twins who put their names on other peoples' work), you'd be able to dress a wide range of *real* people not just the superhuman size 0 runway models.

Anyway, it was nice to see what they came up with, and reminded me yet again, that clothes really do look better on well-proportioned bodies.

Which just served as further motivation for me to lose the weight already dammit! TJ and I have done quite well with our not eating out plan (we're in the second week of three now). We went out to Claim Jumper, once as a weakness when it was just too damn hot to stay home, and once with John and Jenna. But other than that, no spontaneous bad meals out. And I don't think I've eaten a single deep fried item in those two weeks, which is also great. (Laugh if you must but I was seriously on a bad path before this...)

Anyway, buying new clothes, or even fitting into my boxes of "used to be" sized clothes would be amazing. I'm taking baby steps to get there, and need to get a couple more of my "projects" out of the way so I can focus on this better. The first one being that darn Statistics class. It will be over on Sept 2. And I'll get my $1000 back as tuition reimbursement from Microsoft and move on with my life. Yay! The next change after that will be figuring out how to adjust my work life balance (waking up before 9am would probably help there...)

Anyway, I just had to spontaneously blog after Michael Kors' awesome quote on Project Runway - "That looked like Comme des Garcons goes to the Amish country". Rock on Michael!

Back to regularly scheduled programming (so I can find out who won and who's OUT!)


  1. Oooh... statistics... can you tell me more about the class you are taking? Is it an intro class or a sub-topic? I don't feel like I ever got a firm grounding in statistics. For analyzing my data for my thesis I have to do some rudimentary statistics. But after reading biology papers reporting similar data and doing my own statistics reading from textbooks etc., it seems to me a lot of researchers in my field are not handling data correctly!

  2. Must be great watching with the new projector! Like you are *right there* in the RockStar audience! Rock on, man.

  3. Jenna - Yeah, it's fun with the new projector and we ordered the real screen today so I'm looking forward to seeing how different it is with the actual screen in place. Once we get it all set up I'll have a Rock Star party :)

    Suz - It's STAT311 at UW, all statistics all the time. Not hard math-wise, but good concepts. The homework is unfortunately very grungy and time consuming but not especially challenging.


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