Sunday, September 10, 2006

Maybe exercise isn't *that* bad

Today I woke up before 9am, then went back to sleep until 11. I don't usually sleep in that late. But before I got out of bed I had planned my next actions -- I was going to brush my teeth, eat a banana, and go to the gym, before I got sucked into any other projects.

It's amazing how easily I get distracted - I caught myself three times this morning trying to do some random chore, rather than focusing on getting dressed, eating something, and getting out the door to the gym. After throwing in a load of laundry, and taking out the overflowing trash, I was finally on my way to the gym.

My goal for today was another 40 minutes of cardio. I spent 30 min on the regular elliptical (no arms) and remembered to wear my HR monitor, and kept my HR at 70-80% of my max. Since I felt like doing a little running again (two days in a row!) I hopped on the treadmill and did 4 intervals of 2 min walking/1min running. It felt great. I was a little sore this morning from yesterday's workout but it was the good kind of "I worked out and now I feel virtuous" sore.

I know that morning workouts are best for me - now I just need to get to bed earlier and drag myself to the gym before 8 on work days. That's going to be the hard part! But after just 2 days in a row of working out (a veritable streak!) I already feel better. So maybe I can hang on to that feeling tomorrow morning when my alarm goes off at 7am. Hah!


  1. Go An!!! I can be your cheerleader. I haven't lost any weight for the wedding (hurt my leg in the spring and it's still healing and can't exercise on it) so my goal now is to not gain any more weight. Kind of sad for a goal but it's only until my leg feels better.

  2. K - I'm sorry about your leg - that really sucks! Not gaining any weight is a good goal too :) If I had done that after the wedding last year, I'd be much happier now!!


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