Wednesday, September 13, 2006

T minus 5 and counting...

Well, the big day of starting @ Sound Health is coming! One of the changes I've decided to make to help me accomodate this new lifestyle change is to drop down to a 30-32 hour per week part time schedule starting in October. Microsoft is very open to it but there are some details I need to iron out before this will happen. More about that later, likely on my other blog. Or my work blog since I'm always looking for topics to write about.

This week demonstrated to me exactly why my efforts at dieting and exercise fail - I get busy or stressed at work, and all good habits go out the window. I did walk *a lot* yesterday, but unfortunately forgot my pedometer so I don't know if I got my 10000 steps. I feel confident that I got at least 7-8000 though. Today I woke up late, got to work late, and then was so exhausted when I got home I changed into my PJs (at 6:30pm!) and snuggled on the couch with Spike to watch:

1. Mark Wahlberg on "Inside the Actors Studio" - loved it - he seems like a genuinely good guy, and darn he just gets more handsome as he gets older.
2. Project Runway - always good, and yay for Laura for finally winning a challenge. Gorgeous dress she made, though I'm still pulling for Michael.
3. Rock Star: Supernova finale - well, I'm actually waiting for TJ to come home from work so we can watch this together...

But you get the idea - came home, got on the couch for several hours of TV viewing. No trips to the gym in sight (especially not since I forgot my car keys at work today!). This week has been a little rough at work for reasons I shouldn't discuss on a public blog but I think once I get the part-time thing ironed out, it'll work itself out.

Oh and did I mention I've eaten at least one meal out every day this week?? Arghhh.

But tomorrow is another day and a chance to redeem myself. Lately I've been obsessing over diet Coke with ice, almost like a comfort food, and though it's not terribly bad for me (except for all the chemicals and fake-ness) it worries me that I crave it when I'm stressed. Boo. I thought that was at least one bad habit I didn't have - eating emotionally...

Anyway, thanks to all my friends for the support you've expressed here :) You guys are great, and it's about time you all moved to Seattle, dammit!!!


  1. I liked Jeffrey and Michael the best this season. The collections they showed at New York Fashion Week are up here. I have to say I like Jeffrey's the best. I'd actually wear things from that collection!

  2. I'm surprised you like Jeffrey - his clothes are so outrageous! I loooove Michael. Can't wait to see the finale show :)

  3. Well, I don't have the "assets" (or attitude) necessary to wear Michael's stuff :P I like his stuff too, though. (The stuff from Jeffrey's collection that I like are mostly the pant suits/outfits.)


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