Saturday, November 18, 2006

All the good things and the bad things

I suck at this weight loss thing. In the past week I've slid down that slippery slope of laziness. I've been staying up late and then having problems getting up at a reasonable hour. And the wacky Seattle weather is giving me sinus headaches every day. Boo.

I'm beginning to think that I can't pursue this goal in a relatively pain-free way. I think it might be time to bring on the pain. The "structure and discipline", as TJ is fond of mentioning.

Exercise isn't (yet) something that just "happens" to me. I need to aggressively plan, schedule and prioritize it. I've flaked on my yoga class two weeks in a row. Not good, since next week I'll be in Tucson and can't attend. I've done minimal cardio in the past week.

A small victory is that I'm definitely eating at home more often, but still not enough. I thinks small changes aren't enough to jumpstart my slooow 31-year old metabolism.

So here's to tomorrow being a new day, and STRUCTURE AND DISCIPLINE. Here's to not just knowing what to do, but actually doing it.

Woo hoo!


  1. I hear you about the weather. When I lived in Seattle, the constant grey and cold made me want to stay in bed all day... making it that much harder to do whatever.

  2. Yes, I still have to be very conscientious to go out and do some form of exercise daily. But I do try to prioritize it the same as eating and bathing--two things I would simply not do without!

  3. Hey - glad I found your blog! LOL at 31-year old metabolism. I'm 31 years old too...think I can get get away with using that as an excuse?;-)

    Good luck fitting exercise into your schedule - you can do it! The beginning is the hardest, and then you just get addicted.


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