Wednesday, January 10, 2007

I'm so delicious

It's snowing and we have no TV. Thus I will post again.

I made thairchadham today for dinner. Translation for everyone else except my parents: rice, yogurt, and some toasted spices (mustard seeds, urad dal, asafetida) all mixed together. It took about 5 minutes to make since I used my favorite Trader Joe's microwave brown rice. And on a side note, does Wikipedia rock your world or what? They have an entry on *everything*!

So yummy, and completely allowed within the confines of The New Plan. Another successful day! Except for that teeny, tiny slice of homemade King CakeI had, thanks to a coworker's wife.

Today has been a pretty good food day. Except for my obscene craving for a Kidd Valley cheeseburger. Probably only because I'm specifically *not* supposed to have it.

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