Saturday, June 30, 2007

Saturday night's alright for fightin'

I can barely keep my eyes open - today was a tiring day for both people and dogs. TJ's parents are here so we went to Aunt Susie's (aka Spike's vacation resort) for a lunchtime BBQ. After a few hours there, and some very hard work keeping Spike and Peanut away from the food, we took them over to the new Olympic Sculpture Park in downtown Seattle.

The park is pretty cool - a very neat open space with a path and some odd sculptures here and there. Very well-kept. It was a beautiful day out, too, so it should have been the perfect outing. Except that Spike and Peanut were already tired from having to behave at Aunt Susie's house, and so they were just not paying any attention to us at all. Both of them were pulling on the leash like crazy which in turn made me tired and cranky. So sad.

But we'll go back to the Sculpture Park again this summer. I'll definitely try to find an excuse to walk over there once I start my new job - it's just a few blocks away from it.

I made some more jewelry - one asymmetric necklace that I'm quite proud of, and I re-did the bracelet I made for Rinki. Will post pics tomorrow if I can get any good ones - I may have to take Lisa up on her suggestions for getting better ones. I just need to figure out what she meant by a "garage light" from Home Depot!

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  1. Bad news,but I won't have Beau this month so no dog park trips with him. But I'm glad Spike and Peanut managed you okay... = )


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