Friday, August 10, 2007

These twisting turns of fate

Wow, this blog is becoming a sort of "Week in Review" because the weeks just go by so quickly. Leslie, Jorge and dogs left this morning, which was sad. It was nice to hang out with them, but hard to really spend much time with them since they were here during the work week. But we had a couple of nice homecooked dinners, Leslie and took a jewelry class, and we got to hang out most evenings.

Leslie, TJ and I watched 'Beauty Shop' last night, which was hilarious. I do looove Queen Latifah. It was a really funny light and fluffy movie. Just how I like 'em. I want to be entertained, not educated (random documentaries), or depressed (Schindler's List).

Last week I saw most of 'High Fidelity' and didn't make it all the way through the movie. There were some entertaining bits of dialog, but it was just annoying watching the main character make an ass of himself. The book was kind of like that too, but fairly well written so a little easier to take. Plus I read it while on vacation so I had a higher tolerance for annoyance then.

Work is going well, and getting very busy. But it's still balanced so I'm only working about 8-9 hours a day and not putting in any evening or weekend time, which is fabulous. Yes, Virginia, there is life outside of Microsoft.

Have I already professed my love for Rob Thomas? Not because of his supposed "hotness" (I never did think he was attractive!), but because he writes the Best Pop Songs Ever. They aren't just fluffy ear candy to be vicariously enjoyed a few times before you get sick of them - they're pretty complex (yet still catchy) and the lyrics are awesome and always seem relevant to my life. And his voice is clear, and masculine, and distinctive without being annoying. (Unlike the guy who sings for Five for Fighting - brilliant songs, crappy singer.)

I discovered Matchbox 20 quite by accident in 1997, when I picked up a random CD in the now-defunct used CD store Disc-Go-Round in the U-District. They let you listen before you bought, and I fell in love with all the songs on "Yourself or Someone Like You" because they sounded sort of like Counting Crows, another college favorite of mine.

That summer, I noticed they were playing a show in a high school auditorium in central California, so I went to see them. It was an amazing show, a tiny venue and I was one of the few people who knew all the songs. I met the band (and Rob!) backstage and got my CD signed by them. I saw them live again in 1998 at the Seattle Center, when they had become very popular. That too was an amazing show because Adam Duritz from the Counting Crows just showed up for a few songs at the end. My favorite was when they played "Mamas Don't Let your Babies Grow Up to be Cowboys".

After that I bought every Matchbox 20 album (even when they became Matchbox Twenty for some inexplicable reason). "Yourself or Someone Like You" is still on my top 5 favorite albums of all time, and one I take on every road trip I go on.

I dragged TJ to see RT live last summer at Marymoor and he did not disappoint (Rob, I mean, though come to think of it, TJ sat quietly and let me enjoy the whole concert too!) My new favorite song is the one he did for "Meet the Robinsons" - "Little Wonders" which is just a gorgeous, moving song. I listened to it four times today. It's got a little bit of U2 vibe about the beginning. Yes, I'm a little bit obsessive that way.

OK, the meeting of the Rob Thomas Fan Club is now adjourned. You can go now.

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  1. Hey - the 3 dance movies I mentioned (light, a bit goofy) are:

    Forever Fever - Singaporean remake of Sat. Night Fever. Goofy, but charming. The covers are all disco songs done by Singaporean bands, I think. Really enjoyable, for some reason.

    Shall We Dance? - I refuse to watch the American version, but the Japanese one was interesting. A bit slow, but revealing, since I had no idea that Japanese culture was so repressed about dancing. Apparently true, based on what I hear from my mom about my relatives there.

    Strictly Ballroom - Australian dance movie. Again, I love this movie, but you have to get over the weird costumes and stuff. Ezzy bought the soundtrack in college after we watched it.

    I dunno that any of these would interest TJ, but they're great. Probably you'd OD on these if you watched them all at once, so don't try that. It's also interesting to see how each culture interprets dance and dance movies differently ;D


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