Friday, September 07, 2007

She dashed by me in painted-on jeans

Ooh, after my I Love the Internet post a few weeks ago, I never posted an update on the 'hem jeans by mail' scheme.

OMG. Best. Thing. EVER.

My jeans came back looking *perfect*. I don't know how those folks at JeanSolutions do it, but they did this crazy origami-like folding trick so that the original hem is still attached and you can't even see the fold. It's neat, and perfect. Total cost to me was $20, including shipping. Same price, if not cheaper, than my local alterations person, given that I wanted to keep the original hem. Total time, from when I mailed them in, to when they were returned to me was around 10 days, probably because they are in Philly. Woot!

Try it. You'll love it. (Unless they don't send your jeans back. In which case you will hate them, and maybe me. I will take no responsibility for your jeans being lost or stolen. None, you hear me?)

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  1. Olaf.holthausen@muenchen-mail.deSeptember 08, 2007 1:13 PM

    Hi Anandi,
    I am glad to find you. There are good new from Munich: My Son, Maximilian, was born on June 25th.
    I would like to send you a photo.
    Inb the meantime, I am married, too...
    Please contact

    Best regards


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