Thursday, November 15, 2007

These boots are gonna walk all over you

Today was a day of waiting for the bus. A lot. In the morning it was 20 minutes, because there was some traffic light problem in Redmond. In the evening it took me over an hour to get home. Not sure why. Bad bus juju today, I guess.

So I had a lot of time to think about my blog post for the evening. I was just thrilled with my new boots (Sofft Modena III in black leather), which finally arrived from yesterday. I actually first saw them when I was shopping with Kristin a few weekends ago but none of the stores at Bellevue Square (and we checked 3!) had my size. I *love* these boots.

The lacing up the back is fantabulous, but the best part about these: I can walk the 2+ miles to/from the bus comfortably in them. And they have enough of a heel to make me look cute and not seem like "comfort shoes" in the true Seattle sense of the word. Loooooove them. Got lots of compliments today too. Woot.

So that was going to be the end of my post, just some boot drool. But then Grey's Anatomy happened.

Honestly, I've been less than thrilled with it this season so far. Some of my favorite characters are gone: Addison, to her new crappy show, and Burke, because he's intolerant and doesn't know when to keep his mouth shut. And now they seem to be booting Callie as well - such a disappointment. So I was ho-hum about the new season - it's definitely on my priority list to watch, but I haven't really been enraptured yet like I was when we had the DVD marathon weekend for Seasons 1 and 2, or even last season.

Until tonight. The medical emergency was a school bus accident, which caused the hospital to be overrun with teenagers and there were lots of high school culture-related storylines. Which of course I can relate to, having been fairly traumatized by my high school experience. It was cute and funny, and sort of ok through the first 45 min or so. Better than usual, but still nothing superb.

And then Bailey (who always has these great grand speeches!) had her turn, venting her spleen at McDreamy about how "girls like her" never got noticed in high school. And I was just sitting there in shock. Because she was talking about me. (granted, it was relevant to every other geek girl in the history of time). But the emotion, and accuracy of that scene was just un-freakin'-believable. I still get chills thinking about it. I could have written that scene. Heck, I could have performed that scene. The fact that I was watching someone else do it on TV, who doesn't know me, a scene that was written by Hollywood TV script writers? Holy crap, it was amazing.

I know most of you out there don't watch the show, or had different high school experiences, or whatever. But I just had to share. It was like watching myself on TV. I am definitely buying this season on DVD regardless of what else happens, just for that 5 minute scene. Dang.


  1. Those _are_ cute boots :)

    I've been giving Grey's Anatomy a chance this season and I have been less than impressed. But CSI hasn't been as good as in the past either, and Ugly Betty's episode last night didn't do much for me. Evey Project Runway wasn't a really strong start.

    I think this season is just weak overall. I liked the Callie character a lot until this season, but I don't like how they've developed her. And I've always liked Bailey, so maybe I'll actually watch this week's episode. I don't much care for the other chars on the show...they're just soap opera fodder :P

    Okay, this has got to be the most content-free, TV-focused comment I've ever written. Um, I do work and not just sit in front of the TV all day :)

  2. Hi I would just like to ask you about your boots. Are they warm?? do they have like a fur lining inside? And do you think they'll be good for snow??.. See this will be my first time to experience winter & it's already snowing outside!.. So please answer my question.. thanks.. ^_____^

  3. eggleng - the boots are warm, and are lined with some kind of fabric. But they're not *real* cold weather boots - there are others that will be warmer (fleece or wool-lined ones.)

    I'm not sure how these will do in the snow, to be honest. They're definitely more "fashion" boots than harsh weather ones, though I suspect, with the small amount of snow we get in Seattle, they'll be ok. Good luck!

  4. Hey thanks so much for replying... just a quick question again, is it ok to have high heeled wedge shoes like these for snow?? sorry coz no one would reply my questions on other sites. Y_Y

  5. eggleng - I'm not sure how the heel will do in snow. It's not really high, so I think it would be ok, but if you live somewhere with serious snow, I'd recommend a pair of real snow boots, with the big rubber treads on the bottom to make sure you don't slip.

    Seattle doesn't get more than one or two small snowfalls a year, so I think these boots will be fine. I have another pair of heavy boots in case I need them.

    Hope that helps!

  6. I just wanna say thank you again for replying... it really helped. So I'm off shoe shopping now... mmmwuah!!! ^-^ oh & btw, I looked at your store at Etsy and I really think they're pretty... I wonder if you do special orders??.. coz I found this really pretty necklace from Macys which was a long time ago, I really should have bought it then. But if you don't do that kind of thing, then it's ok..

  7. eggleng - Yes, I definitely do special orders. Send me an email to anandilab [at] gmail [dot] com and we can talk about it!

    Good luck shoe shopping! Let me know what you end up with!

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