Monday, December 17, 2007

The clanging chimes of doom

Wow, so I thought the version of "Do They Know It's Christmastime" on the Barenaked Ladies' holiday album was a parody of the original because the lyrics mention in multiple verses how Africa is a horrible place to live. I thought it was making fun of the song and pointing out how people just trying to get through life probably don't give a rat's ass about whether it's Christmas or not, especially our horrible Western commercialized idea of what Christmas means.

But I think the lyrics are not a parody, and the original is actually just that stupid. Wow. I realize the song is over 20 years old, but seriously? That was the best they could come up with to get people to realize the plight of drought and starvation in Africa? Whoever wrote that song has "privileged white person" stamped all over him/her/it.

So that's my daily, not very holiday spirit-y, rant. I'll try to pick a more cheery topic next time.



    I believe this link will take you to the original. Yeah, it's bad. Every year I completely forget about it then I hear it once

    I'm surprised people are covering it. It's the christmas song that won't go away!

  2. Hi,
    Thanks for visiting my Blog.I read these beautiful lines in Femina, wherein somebody had written about the most beautiful gift she had ever got. This was that gift. Her mother's friend wrote this and gave it to her. I wanted to use it in my wedding card but since it was printed in Hindi and because I could not find the original, I missed using it but nevertheless I love the lines.

  3. Anandi,

    First, thanks for stopping by my blog to comment on the article! There is a ring of etsy artists who blog? How'd I miss that?

    Second.. there is a huge and long discussion going on about the current indie craft movement. You might think you are outside it, but I'm not convinced.

    I'm posting another article on BlogHer Saturday about it (so on my personal blog on Sunday or Monday..) Please stop and read it either place and give me your thoughts.

    Now I MUST go look at your jewelry. I'm in search of the perfect necklace!

    Sorry to hijack the comment stream here, but I couldn't find an email link...

  4. Everytime I hear that song I think of my friend Mike, who, after they sing "Do they know it's Christmas time at all?" he pipes up and say,"Do they car? I mean they are likely muslim."

  5. @Jenn - that is freakin' hilarious. Your friend Mike is funny.


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