Thursday, December 27, 2007

Keepin the clouds away

So Spike is much better today, and PooWatch 2007 is finally over. For those of you who have dogs, you will understand. For those who don't, just pretend you didn't read that.

He's got to eat special canned food, something called Intestinal HE (good thing dogs can't read!), in 1/4c increments. He needs to be walked a couple times a day, and has to have lots of water, plus take an antibiotic twice a day.

Today he's back to his usual whiny self so I am happy. Tonight we're dropping him off at Aunt Susie's (thanks Aunt Susie!) so we can leave early tomorrow for a weekend in San Diego with TJ's family.

And the Intestinal HE is a big hit, with both dogs. I need to stand guard over Spike while he's eating it because Peanut keeps eyeing it longingly. I let Peanut lick the spoon I was using to get the food out of the can today so maybe that made it worse.

In an hour or so we'll take Peanut to Dog Camp. I hate having to do it the night before because it makes the house seem so empty. But our flight is *really* early tomorrow and Dog Camp doesn't open till 9 or so.

And here's a plug for our vet (Dr. Miller at Redwood Animal Hospital in Redmond). Seriously, if you're looking for a great vet on the Eastside, these folks are the best. They're not cheap, but they are thorough and caring. Not only did Dr. Miller spend a ton of time examining Spike, he also spent a while talking to me about what might be wrong and explaining the diagnostic options. A few hours later he called and gave me a detailed report on Spike's tests. And this morning, since he was out of the office, another one of the vets called to find out how Spike was doing. That's pretty awesome.

So hopefully Spikeman will be ok this weekend - I'm glad he'll be at Aunt Susie's because I think he'll get better observation there than the kennel. He sends out a big beagle howl (AROOOOOO) to all of you who asked about him or sent your good wishes.


  1. Friday Update from Aunt Susie's house: Our nephew Spike is doing fine today. He moped a bit last night and stuck close to his blankie, but was hungry and ready to go this morning, arooo-ing at several of the neighborhood noises. (like grass blowing in the wind and creaking cedar limbs and the dogs 2 houses away and the ones who live on the other side of the block and the rustles in the ivy on the fence)

    We played tug o' war with the stuffed animals and also chase me. Everyone is now settled down on the dog couch for a much needed afternoon nap.

    Watch Spike eat and you will know for sure dogs are descended from wolves. Even beagles.

  2. So GLAD that Spikey Boy is feeling better!! Even if that means he is back to whining and begging for any extra morsel that may come his way!! Lots of love to him and sweetie Peanut! Oh, and lots of love to you and TJ too! Amma


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