Thursday, January 10, 2008

The power of two

My iPod has a lot of songs on it, and most of our CD collection (about 300 CDs). The sheer volume of choices often overwhelms me so I like to make smaller manageable playlists. I cobbled together a few 'smart playlists' and some quick hacky ones, but I'm waiting to find the time to create some quality ones.

I like playlists with themes of some sort. I have one where all the songs mention God or Jesus in the title. (Yes, I know that's funny for a non-religious person like me.) It's got some pretty un-religious songs like "Personal Jesus" by Depeche Mode and "Jesus Walks" by Kanye West. I just wanted a theme, and it's one of my favorites.

Another one I'm putting together in my head is one called "Song Twins", where I'll have pairs of songs that are essentially the same, lyrically. There are a number of songs in my collection that are strikingly similar. Here's the beginning of my list, and I hope the blogosphere will contribute more so I can build my playlist.

"You Oughta Know" - Alanis Morrissette/"Jealousy" - Natalie Merchant
"Stay" - Jackson Browne/"Turn the Page" - Bob Seger/"Wanted Dead or Alive" - Bon Jovi
"Shooting Star" - Bad Company/"Jukebox Hero" - Foreigner
"Love Me or Hate Me" - Lady Sovereign/"Without Me" - Eminem

I know I have more, but can't think of them now. I want to hear yours!!

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  1. If you're ever looking for some shorter playlists, I used to make a lot of mix CDs for my friends in Illinois. We had fun things like "Necrophilia for Fun and Profit," "This is Halloween" (which was not all goth music, oddly enough), and the 2-CD set "Heroes" and "Villains." I still have the track listings for most of them somewhere... :)


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