Sunday, February 17, 2008

Happy days are here again

After the crap-tastic week I had, this weekend has been pretty darn good. I finally finished the custom order of 3 necklace and earring sets for my friend Muffie (yay) and it's packed and ready to be mailed out on Tuesday, since tomorrow is a holiday.

I also found out that my fabulous company has President's Day off. Yippeeee! I didn't even realize it until Wednesday so it truly was like receiving an unexpected gift.

The three day weekend has made me especially industrious. I finally caught up on laundry, which had reached a critical situation. My poor husband had no clean white socks, because the trips and visitors of the past few weeks threw off the laundry system I usually had, and I ended up doing a load of colors or whites, but not both the past few weeks. (Upon hearing of the crisis, my friend Aimee asked me if my husband was unable to find the washing machine himself. Tee hee. TJ was actually willing to do his own sock laundry but it was a point of shame for me, for getting so behind in my agreed-upon weekly chore.) I'm happy to report that my fabulous husband is in fact capable of doing his own laundry. But just to be safe, we bought more socks for him.

While we were at Target, I went to look for new, um, "unmentionables". (Sorry male readers!) Why is it that standard women's underwear, that comes in multi-packs, doesn't come in plain, neutral colors like black, brown, and navy? You know, like the color of the PANTS people wear most often. No one wears white pants, or fuschia pants, or bright yellow with balloons on them pants. Is there some law in the cotton multi-pack underwear land that women's butts have to look like Easter candy? Seriously people, I just want a 3 pack of basic black. Or dark blue. I know, no one should see my underwear at all, but on the off chance that my pants are doing something odd, or my shirt rides up accidentally, I'd like to at least not announce that today I'm wearing BRIGHT ORANGE underwear. So I settled for 2 packs, one black/grey and one black/pink. Not sure what to do with the pink pair. Stupid. I guess the land of the happy multi-pack is not for me and I must go to a real store and buy individual ones.

OK, done with the underwear talk. (Sorry if I embarassed anyone there.) Today I saw the most awesome movie. I'm generally not a movie person. I get horribly disappointed when a movie I wanted to see sucks. I'm also married to a guy who's not willing to get up and walk out of a movie. So I only see movies I know are going to be good. Which frankly, is not that many. I like to be entertained at a movie, but not pandered to.

Movies fit roughly into four categories for me, like food:

1. Junk food that doesn't even taste good, like pork rinds, gummi candy or corn nuts. These are movies that don't sound in the least bit appealing to me, and I will most likely hate because they're juvenile, stupid, and lacking any redeeming qualities. Like "There's Something About Mary" or anything with Adam Sandler in it.

2. Junk food that I enjoy, like Pringles or Doritos. Movies that I love, even though artistically, they don't have a lot of value or substance. Predictable sappy romantic comedies such as "Hitch", or fun fluff like "13 Going on 30".

3. Steamed vegetables and cottage cheese. Movies that are artistic, win awards, and are critically acclaimed, like "Empire of the Sun", "Gandhi", "Citizen Kane", "Schindler's List". I can watch them and recognize that they are ART, and GOOD, but they do not connect with me. I never WANT to watch them, but always feel like I SHOULD watch them. Like for a class.

4. Sushi, which is VERY healthy and one of my favorite foods EVER. I'd eat it even if it wasn't healthy. That it *is* healthy astounds me. The movie I saw today was sushi.

And the winner is... "Juno". This movie was freakin' AMAZING. It was perfect in nearly every respect - funny, touching, hip, complex. Not one of the characters was the typical stereotype - every single one had redeeming qualities and complexity. The story was brilliant, the characters likeable, and even the music and mood were just right. It was quirky, and different, and yet you could get inside the main characters head and just KNOW how she was feeling, from a single look at her face. Seriously awesome. As the cliche goes, I laughed and I cried. It was better than Cats :).

I don't often see sushi movies. Because they're few and far between. Others in that category are "Bend it Like Beckham" and "My Big Fat Greek Wedding".

So today was a good day. It even offset the fact that I got a threatening letter in the mail from the Scary Dentist, referring to our ill-fated phone conversation and reiterating her threats. I did remove my original review, but left a completely factual account of recent events in its place. I will also be filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and the Washington state commission for healthcare quality, because I resent my health records being used to harass me.

So that unpleasantness aside, what are your sushi movies? Or, if you hate sushi, what food do you love that also nourishes you?


  1. koyyoJuno was awesome!!! We saw it 2-3 weeks ago. We went with a friend who hadn't really heard about it, and he ended up loving the movie so much he took 2 coworkers to see it with him the next weekend! Definitely going to buy it when it comes out on DVD.

    I can't believe the psycho dentist saga is still ongoing! Can she even do that? Isn't that harassment? Is there something you can file to make her stop?

    Isn't it enough that people hate the dentist, that she needs to do something to have people hate them more???? I don't understand.

  2. Be sure to see 27 Dresses. Alayne and I loved it!


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