Sunday, February 10, 2008

Soft fuzzy sweaters, too magical to touch

This was a GOOD weekend. My dad was here in the early part of the weekend, and we ate very yummy Japanese food at Flo on Friday night.

Yesterday was an extremely lazy day and I was still getting over my sinus issues. After a four hour nap, I finally started on a couple of necklace and earring sets for a friend. Check them out, and click to see bigger versions:

So that was a good, productive day. Oh, and my fabulous husband went grocery shopping so I didn't have to. So nice!

Today I got up and went for a 1 mile walk with Spike at the dog park to begin my half-marathon training. As I expected, it was easy. But still felt good to be outside.

Then I went to visit Jasmine, Charlie and Catie to drop off the baby present I had for Charlie (who was born 4 months ago!) and Jasmine's birthday present (from November!). Ugh, I have no idea where the time goes!

After that, I met up with Wendi for a fabulous afternoon of eating and shopping. We had sushi (what else?) and then spent quality time at Nordstrom, where 3 gorgeous cashmere sweaters found their way into a shopping bag destined for my house. Does it count that they were 50% off? And one was pink? The others were red and brown. Wardrobe staples, right?

A good time was had by all.

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  1. Nordstrom and cashmere go together. No doubt about it! Good for you, sounds fun!


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