Saturday, March 01, 2008

I look down into a million houses

Ugh. I've had the kind of week where I just want to come home and go to bed. And two of those evenings I did just that. Which made me feel even worse because then I feel like all I do is sleep and work. TJ pointed out that I might be so tired because I drove to work this month, and stopped doing all that daily extraneous walking to/from the bus.

It was really nice to drive - I get directly to work and come home quickly, but if it just makes me so tired I can't function anyway, it's probably not worth it. Also, I just filled the gas tank in my tiny Audi and it cost $50. That was deterrent enough. So this weekend, I'll be a good girl and purchase my eco-friendly bus pass for March.

On the exercise front, I have slowly started my half marathon training with Aimee. We walked 5 miles last weekend, and plan to do another 4.5-ish this weekend. I've got a detailed training plan for the next 17 weeks to get us up to 13 miles for the event in June, so if we follow that we should be in good shape (pun intended!).

Ooh, and I got new wood blinds for my craft room (aka our 2nd guest room aka dog bed room). I ordered them online, so I'm unsure, and haven't opened the package yet, but we plan to install them today. I'm stoked to get some blinds that actually close and operate as they should. We have 30-year-old hideous beige metal blinds all over the house, so we're slowly planning to replace them. Oh, the boring things that become interesting when you grow up (!).

I am officially tired of the commute to work. Every time I drive past Microsoft (which is pretty much every time I leave the house), I kick myself for giving up the 5 minute commute.

I will admit that my current job is much better suited for my skills and interest. I just wish it was closer to home. But I am pleased to say that I'll be able to work from home for 1 day a week starting in late March, thanks to a proposal I submitted to my boss. This proposal spurred the company to adopt an official telecommuting policy, which will be unveiled later this month. So that means I only have to make the 30-ish mile round trip trek 4 times a week instead of 5. (We take what we can get...)

Well, off to poke at the new blinds!


  1. Yay for official telecommuting policies! Nicely done! And you're in luck - replacing blinds one by one is a lot more fun than replacing windows one by one...

  2. I'm with you on the commute. I drive almost 2 hours one-way to work every day. Yuck. The only thing that makes it bearable is that most days I get to car-pool with my hubby. Good luck with the bus and with your half marathon.

  3. Sooo glad you're one your way with your training. Can you send me your training schedule? I might use it with my 3day training too. = )


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