Sunday, May 18, 2008

Exercise: Walked with Aimee at the Pro Club, 100 minutes and just under 6 miles. Woot!!

Food: Ate the usual cereal-milk-banana breakfast, protein shake for lunch, and went to the Outback for dinner.

What I did right today: Walking! Bought new shoes for walking, so I can do the half marathon. Protein shake to get some extra protein into my carb-heavy life. Also didn't have any caffeine after lunchtime. So I might actually be able to sleep!

What I could have done better: Gotten the salad without dressing at Outback. Stupid salad was drowning in heavy dressing. Skipped the cheese fries. Oh, I am powerless when faced with the two things i love most: cheese and fries.

Plan for tomorrow:
1. Walk to work, at least from TJ's building if not from home (feet are very sore today)
2. Bring lunch to work plus snacks
3. Eat at home for dinner.
4. Actually review plan so I know what I'm supposed to do


  1. You are actually making an attempt to maintain your food and activity blog! Well, good luck to you. I am REALLY bad at it, so I don't even try, though I really must.

  2. Wow this is great. I'm inspired to start a food and activity blog too!


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