Friday, May 30, 2008

In me the Wishmaster

In searching for a decent Nightwish clip to post as part of my concert "review", I ran into this little video powerpoint presentation of misheard lyrics to a Nightwish song. It's hilarious (maybe more so because I *love* the song and have no idea what most of the actual lyrics are). I am sharing it with you:

Nightwish's lyrics are somewhat hard to understand, partly because of Tarja's operatic voice and also probably somewhat due to the Finnish-accented English. Couple that with loud guitars and drums and your mind can make up all sorts of lyrics.

Watch and enjoy. Am I a dork to think that was totally funny?

Also, I am so glad it's Friday. My new job is insanely busy. I'm already behind. How is that possible after 2 weeks?!

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  1. Nope not dorky. That's drop dead funny. Been a while since I saw anything that funny. And yet, that's just about what it sounded like to me too...


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