Saturday, June 07, 2008

Everyone around loves them

Today was an awesome day for craftiness. I finally got to sit down and really go through the amazing stash of beads Amma brought me from India. A lot of them are really detailed, gorgeous oxidized silver beads. Some are almost too pretty to use :)

I made 5 things today for my Etsy shop. (And as usual, I'm torn about whether to sell or keep them.) So I'll post one a day for the next several days, so as to get maximum exposure in the Etsy search (everything is sorted by time posted, with most recent first).

Today's item was an experimental one for me - an ID badge lanyard thingy. I have these gorgeous "cane glass" beads I bought at Shipwreck beads when I went there with Wendi a few months ago, and I wanted to make something bright and shiny with them.

I'm trying to branch out instead of making the same necklaces, bracelets and earrings all the time so I thought I'd try an ID badge holder since more and more workplaces and schools are requiring people to wear their badges.

So here it is:

Whaddya think? If someone likes it, and buys it, I'll probably make more. This is my own little experiment...

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  1. The colors are beautiful!

    I'd like to see more details on how you made the badge part, because I create gemstone and glass jewelry too.

    Linda Blatchford


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