Saturday, August 02, 2008

Skin on skin

The new iPhone is, as I suspected, fabulous. It has fairly good reception, though AT&T is no match for Verizon's network. Damn you, Verizon CEO, for turning down the iPhone deal. (He's probably kicking himself now, so no use in making him feel worse, I guess.)

Problem is, the device is so shiny and pretty because it's delicate. I don't dare just throw this thing into my purse along with all the scary sharp pointy pens, gum wrappers, dust, coins and miscellaneous crap. It needs protection, poor little thing.

So I thought I'd go the cheaper route first. I did some online research and found, which makes these cool removable vinyl "skins" for all sorts of devices, including my brand spankin' new iPhone 3G. My "Rockstar Pinky" design skin showed up yesterday, and it looks really cool. It definitely personalizes my phone so it doesn't look like the millions of other iPhones out there.

Unfortunately, this little vinyl decal, while protective of the back and some of the front, doesn't really protect the touchscreen at all. So I gave in today and bought the Speck PixelSkin in Spearmint Green at the Apple store.

It's cute, sturdy and thick, so the lip recesses the screen while it's in my purse. I'll still be careful with it, but I can put it in my purse without worrying too much about it.

I also bought some anti-glare film made by PowerSupport to put over the screen, so that might solve my problem entirely. It took several tries to get the film on the screen, without any dog hair or microscopic specks of dust that cause bubbles. No wonder they give you 2 pieces of the film. One is totally unusable now because it's got all these little dust bits trapped on it. And yes, I did follow directions and cleaned my phone with a bit of window cleaner and a lint-free cloth.

That's the biggest scam ever - $15 for a tiny bit of plastic. But I finally got it on, and it doesn't make the screen look bad, and the "feel" of it is kind of nice too, a little less slippery than the naked screen.

So that was my iPhone adventure for today. I secretly think it's to avoid going into the craft room, which looks like a tornado hit it. I never cleaned up from the last frenzy of getting ready for the Gracewinds street fair, and I'm behind on custom projects, and it's so messy I don't even want to go in there.

Time to be a grownup and tackle the mess. If you don't hear from me, please send in the Mounties to unearth me from boxes of beads and magnet making supplies.

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