Friday, November 14, 2008

It all boils down to the parts that we play

Yikes, I haven't blogged in ages! But that was intentional, because I got cleared by the Project Management Institute to sit for their certification exam, and since I had taken a prep course for it a few weeks ago, I wanted to take the test as soon as possible. I ended up scheduling it the day I wrote my last blog post, so most of what I've been doing between then and now was either filling Etsy orders or studying for that exam. My brain is a little fried right now.

But the good news is, I PASSED. I'm a certified PMP (no, it's not pronounced like 'pimp'). Yay!

So now I can de-stress, and go back to making stuff. And maybe attempt to get our house back in decent shape. It looks a bit like a tornado hit it, since neither TJ nor I are good at putting things back when we're done using them.

And Spike rolled around in something mighty stinky on his last trip to the park, so he needs a bath, STAT. Maybe that'll be my fun activity for tonight - wrestle unruly beagle into the tub and keep him there while he's wet and squirmy. It's quite a workout.

Projects up ahead:
1. Make 6 dog tags plus 1 periodic table copper keychain
2. Package up and send out a magnet order
3. Finish personalized charm bracelet for a coworker
4. 4 pairs of earrings for the winner of my donated item at the company charity raffle.
5. Necklace and bracelet, plus barrette on request from my parents.
6. Figure out exactly how much money I've spent on supplies since 2007. (yikes.)

And that doesn't count any of the things I need to make for the upcoming Holiday Bazaar at REI. Yikes! But I am really looking forward to it, now that I don't have that PMP exam looming over me like a little black rain cloud.

So, what are y'all up to??


  1. lol at pmp.

    thats cool you make tags

  2. congrats on being a PMP ; )

    have fun at the REI show!

  3. Yay...a sister in the PMP world!

  4. Finally catching up on my Blog reading. Congrats on the PMP! And I sympathize with you on the beagle bathing chore, but it has been made so much easier since I picked up this handy gadget ( I can more effectively scrub while holding Barney in the tub. So much easier.


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