Sunday, July 12, 2009

At 29 you'd think I'd know better

woo hoo, I'm at 29 weeks! Almost 3/4 way through (or maybe already, depending on when BabyX decides to make her appearance). So far, I still say it's not as bad as I thought it would be.

The childbirth class through our hospital IS as bad as I thought it would be, and maybe worse, unfortunately. And I signed up for the 7 week series thinking it would be better to spread it out. Sigh.

We spend part of the time pretending like we're in labor and contorting ourselves into different positions on chairs, exercise balls, and the floor. On the bright side, our partners rub our backs. The other part of the time is spent staring at various posters around the room with pictures I'd rather not see, "sharing our feelings" in stupid small group exercises, or watching disgusting movies. And this is after only 2 classes... I can only hope it gets better.

This week's topic is "pushing and delivery of baby", plus as an extra added bonus, episiotomy (if you don't know what that is, do yourself a favor and DON'T look it up), and medication. I will say I am genuinely interested in DRUGS, so I'm wondering if it might be worth showing up late. Because there is no way I am going to watch a movie of women giving birth. Last week's movie of women writhing around in labor pain (with no drugs!) was bad enough. TJ and I actually left the room at one point (and we weren't alone.) Ick.

In a few weeks we'll actually cover some useful topics like "hey what do I do with this thing now that it's here?" and "hey, how do I feed this screaming bundle of joy?". That I'm actually looking forward to.

My company also offers a short list of FREE baby-related classes, so we're signed up for those. The feeding one was surprisingly useful and non-touchy-feely and not disgusting, despite the unsettling presence of a reversible anatomically-correct plush model of a breast. But I did take about 4 pages of notes there (in my awesome new pink Moleskine notebook!) so I'm glad we went.

Once again, I respectfully request that no one leaves any childbirth stories in the comments, unless it is something like "it was so easy, and better than Disneyland". kthxbai!


  1. I took a Bradley class and one class they showed a colombian squatting birth video. In the span for 5 minutes, they literally showed 30 different women squatting and birthing babies.

    That was the end for me. I told Jon I don't need to see what comes out the other end bc I will never see that vantage point on myself!

    (I did attend a c-section class though since twin c-section rates are 75+%. I left before the video!)

  2. Bradley Method classes, teaching partner-supported natural childbirth, rock. All three of ours were born at home ... two before the midwife got there, which was awesome. No drugs. Just remember, you're not sick (although the medical profession wants you to think you are, and treats pregnancy "as any other illness") - you're doing a natural, healthy thing your body was designed to do!

    Yeah, I'm the dad so it's not so authentic coming from me ... but it's true. Work with your body, against the fear and worry.

  3. "once you start down that path, forever will it consume your destiny."

    an important thing to know about being in the hospital is that they have standard care bundles that they don't really tell you about. but you can easily end up with cascading interventions (brief example, an epidural typically necessitates catheterization, et al.) that result in you being treated like a commodity that just gets pushed through the system which is no longer interested in your humanity.

    you may want that experience and it is totally your decision to have that experience and you should never accept anyone giving you grief about the decision you make. childbirth is a path that you walk alone, no matter how much support is around you at the time.

    I support your decision to skip videos you aren't comfortable with. there are some things that once you put them in your head, you can't easily get them back out. and it isn't worth the angst.

    For what its worth, we took the Birthing from Within course during the pregnancy with N and G did the Hypnobabies home course during the pregnancy with L (and now again at 34.5 weeks with baby #3 (likely to be either V or O, depending on gender (barring last minute inspiration))). We have hired a doula for each delivery and that has been very important.

    whatever you decide with regard to medical interventions at the time of delivery, the day you give birth to racer X will be one of the most amazing days of your life.

  4. LauraC - no videos. I'm with you on that. Also no mirror in the room to see what's going on there. Ick.

    Ram - Congrats on having 3 - I didn't know! I'm glad your choices worked out well for you. (And I'm happy we live in a world with choices!)

    Jon - For some reason I thought little McDunn #3 was already here. Good luck and congrats to you guys!! Thanks for the heads up on the hospital stuff - we'll definitely investigate beforehand.

    I'm not looking for a beautiful, pleasing, "go woman" kind of experience. I just want BabyX to get out of here as quick as possible, and with us both healthy :) I think I'll have plenty of time and experiences to enjoy once she's here.

  5. Let me know if you want a different perspective on C-sections. After the class I took I was really hoping that I wouldn't need a C-section, but the baby was breech so I didn't have a choice. When I told friends this, 98% of them immediately told me they were sorry and started to commiserate, which was frustrating because I looking for -- and finding -- the positives in the situation.

    My C-section went really well, and I recovered quickly enough that Dac and I requested a discharge after two days because we were ready to go home. Less than three weeks after delivery I'm swimming and biking again (not for long, but it's a start).

    Moral of the story: Despite the horror stories and videos, C-sections can have happy endings.

  6. @tam - thanks, that's really helpful. Once we know what path we are going down (dr said we won't until several weeks from now) I may come talk to you :D

    i'm really impressed by your quick recovery and the fact that you are swimming and biking. Do you think a C-section will make me pick up swimming and biking if I didn't before? ;P

  7. OMG, stop those crazy classes immediately!! they'll scare/bore you to death! read some books, you do it on your own time and you can skip the gross stuff. you'll be fine! and there's lots of time to figure things out when the baby arrives.

    i had a c-section too, and it was perfection. you aren't all drugged up and out of it, and neither is your baby! i saw my baby when she was born and got to give her a smooch as my husband took her into another room while they sewed me up. i was feeling good and left the hospital in 1.5 days. my scar is small, and healing well - it's below my bikini line so you'll never see it anyway! women need to stop trying to prove something with childbirth. you aren't stronger or 'better' if you have your child naturally. it's should always be about the best and least stressful method for the baby - and hours and hours of unsuccessful labour is not good for you or the baby!!

  8. I'm so sorry that I haven't been here in ages! Life has been keeping me so busy with both kiddies. I've finally made my foray back into blogging, so I hope to stay in closer touch.:-)

    Congrats 100 X over on your pregnancy! What an exciting journey! You're finally into the third trimester - the final stretch.



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