Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My hands are small I know

It is cold and dry here. We've all got dry itchy skin, even Peanut. I guess Spike has been spared from it, and Baby Gorgeous Bean doesn't seem to be itchy, just dry. We are running a humidifier in the bedroom, which has the unfortunate side effect of dropping the temperature, so we also run the space heater, which probably counteracts the positive effects of the humidifier. All of which increases our energy consumption, which makes TJ sad.

What is it with new babies and their wacky skin? T has had icky "cradle cap", ie dry scalp since she was a few weeks old and it's showing no signs of going away. And then there was the baby acne, which thankfully has gone away. Fortunately she is cute, so it doesn't render her a social pariah like it would if she was a grownup.
For now we just put olive oil on it so my Darling Bean smells like pizza. (I guess there are worse things to smell like.)

Yesterday I made chili in the slow cooker I borrowed from a friend at work. It came out well, but I'm not sure it really saved me any time or effort. I can see how it would if you wanted to leave the house, though. I bought a slow cooker cookbook by the checkout at the grocery store, so I thought I'd try some of those recipes out before deciding whether we *need* a slow cooker.

Tomorrow Gorgeous Bean and I are going downtown to visit my friend Aimee at the company I worked for a few years ago. We are going to eat at CJ's, which has awesome breakfast-for-lunch options. Yay!

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  1. I have a slow cooker and a plug-in timer (probably originally meant for turning lights on and off on a cycle, but it works), and I LOVE it. Since we leave the apartment for almost 12 hours every day, it's nice to be able to throw everything into the slow cooker while I'm making breakfast and lunch, and come home to dinner being mostly ready already. It's also useful if I run out of time to cook J's lunches on a Sunday, cuz I can set it up to cook overnight as well, and finish whatever needs to be done in the morning.

    I have a HUGE list of links to crock pot recipes that my sister sent me. It's a little overwhelming, in fact, but there's some good ideas in there!


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