Wednesday, August 31, 2011

handcrafted life plan - thing 2

Now that I've got my work schedule squared away, and BabyT's summer activities are over (yay!), I've got some time to think about setting some goals and getting some direction in my life.

I've been particularly inspired by Laura, who I went to college with. There's the fact that she manages to blog EVERY DAY, even with a job and twin boys. She's a hugely talented family photographer and has started a business. A while ago, she mentioned taking an online class called Mondo Beyondo, that helps you figure out your big dreams and goals (or even little ones).

I looked it up and thought it sounded interesting, but didn't really feel like I wanted or needed to do that kind of personal exploration. That was during the months where Trillian was most definitely NOT sleeping through the night, and really it was all I could do to get through the day.

But now that I have time, and the aforementioned midlife crisis, and building my Grand Unified Handcrafted Life Plan (tm), it's the perfect opportunity. So I signed up. Class starts Sept 12 and it's all online. It seems like the sort of thing where you get out of it what you put into it, so I'm looking forward to doing some introspection and making this thing work for me.

If you think it might be your kind of thing, you could sign up too - there seems to be space in the class that starts in a couple of weeks. The link below is an affiliate referral thingy so if I get something from you signing up, I'll happily split it with you ;)

Mondo Beyondo Dream Big

I'm excited about this. I don't know much about it, except Laura's endorsement of the class, and some other good reviews online. What I do like is that it seems like I can do this stuff on my own, and don't need to share a ton with others. That's the part I hate most about the "soft skills" type training classes I've taken at work - all the mandatory "sharing" and interacting you're supposed to do with your classmates. Ick.

I look forward to writing a little about what I learn, and what I want to be when I grow up. Watch this space :)



    There is a Ning community with Mondo but I barely participated in it. I came to the class when I was going through the same kind of mid-life crisis early last year.

    One thing I like is they email you the lessons every day. It's just nice to do something for yourself every day.

    I can't wait to hear how you like it in the end! I feel like it really transformed my thinking. I have always been a big goal setter and goal achiever but Mondo made me realize I could do go even bigger. Now it just seems normal to me to write down that I want to get on and then just do it.

  2. A friend of mine did this and said it was great. I'd be interested to hear updates about it (I'm not ready to commit to a class just yet, but maybe next time around?)

  3. I am totally interested in updates about what you're doing and how the class is helping you, too! I read a bunch on their site after first learning about it from Laura, but couldn't really figure out what it's all about. I hope you love it!

  4. @LauraC - I think that's so great that you can decide you're going to do big things and just do them. I'm hoping to get the same thing out of that class. I can't wait!

    @ssm and @Stephanie - I'll definitely post about my experience. It starts next week and I can't wait :)


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