Thursday, October 27, 2011

Tamago Sushi Halloween Costume - Look, No Sewing Mama!

I figure this will be the last year I get to pick BabyT's costume for Halloween.  Next year she'll probably have an opinion of her own and won't be swayed by my ideas. In fact, after I had ordered all the pieces this year, she got it into her head that she wanted to be a pumpkin, but I was able to use my wily mama skills to convince her that my idea was much more fun.  Whew!

And a quick shout out to my mom.  I don't remember too many of my Halloween costumes, but the two I do remember are the matching clown costumes she made for my brother and me, and the *amazing* KISS facepaint she did for one of my high school Halloween dances.  She made me into Gene and I got a ton of compliments. :)

Hands down, T's favorite food is egg sushi, aka tamago.  It was the first thing she ate on our first trip to our favorite kaiten-sushi place, Sushi Me.  She always eats at least 2 pieces of tamago, and has been known to eat 6 in one sitting.  So I figured it would be a cute, easy and fun costume to put together, even with my complete lack of sewing skills.

For reference, here's what tamago looks like:

Tamago Nigiri sushi
Photo by Geoff Peters 604 on Flickr

And here is my baby sushi:

Tamago sushi costumeTamago sushi costume

This was surprisingly easy to put together, and probably would have been cheaper if I could sew or crochet myself. But I outsourced those tasks instead :)

The supercute wasabi-and-pickled-ginger hat was made by knits4cuties. The bright yellow pillowcase was made by Quietude Quilts, also on Etsy.

I found the white sleeper (aka 'rice') at Dharma Trading, and printed out a cute customized "Hello My Name Is..." badge and added 'tamago' from my stash of letter stickers. (Just to make it easier on folks who can't figure out what she is.)  I used my trusty Xyron machine to make the badge sticky and it's holding up pretty well, though I have to remind T not to pull it off.

The "seaweed" is just a length of ribbon from our local fabric store, and I used velcro to secure it.  I also needed to pin the pillowcase to the sleeper to support the pillow.  And then I realized that she'll need to get dressed at our destinations, since she can't safely ride in the carseat with a giant pillow on her back.  Le sigh.

But that's ok, because I am anti-coat-over-costume, so I'll have her wear a long sleeved white shirt and leggings under the sleeper to keep warm.  Tomorrow we're going to see a Halloween music show at Benaroya, so that'll be our first road test of the costume.  Wish us luck!  And link me to your Halloween costume goodness in the comments!

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