Sunday, October 09, 2011

Whole30 - Days 1-3

We've survived an entire weekend of the Whole30 challenge I mentioned on Friday.

It hasn't been too difficult for me at all, and I know it's because I sat down on Thursday night and planned out every single meal and snack through tomorrow, and bought all the ingredients. I LOVE not having to track anything. I even made it through a Crafty Night with a bunch of junk food. Since I wasn't hungry, I wasn't tempted.

TJ has not fared so well. He's going through that awful "detox" that happens when you give up sugar and most carbs. It's pretty horrible - when I went through this a few months ago, I was super-tired, had a huge headache and was *really* irritable. So we're trying to give him some space.

I miss cheese. It'll be the first thing I try to add back on Day 31, that's for sure. But I'm eating well. Last night's dinner was a sausage, sweet potato and apple hash with some peppers and onions. Nice warm comfort food for our changing fall weather. T even tried a little bit, which is about as good as I can hope for these days.

So it's clear that in order for me to be successful, I need to plan every detail of what I'm eating so that I have the ingredients I need.

Which means we'll have another trip to Whole Foods tomorrow to get more sustainably fished tuna for tuna salad, which I forgot I love so much when I make it with fresh veggies and high quality mayo. And it got me to thinking that I could make a mean sweet potato salad with that homemade mayo I made today.

I had to use Trader Joe's Wasabi Mayo in a pinch because I hadn't made the "Whole30-approved" mayo yet, and OMG is it HOT. Another discovery - I don't hate kale, when it's oven roasted until it's crunchy.

I'm excited about food again, and cooking. This is a good thing, for sure! Only 27 more days to go! Piece of cake. Or, uh, kale.

Whole30 eating plan

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