Sunday, December 25, 2011

And to all a good night

I started this with the intention of writing a whiny post about "doing too much" and the sheer exhaustion I feel after being in charge of Christmas magic. It's a weighty responsibility now that I've got a small person who's old enough to understand what's going on.

But I'm not going to do it.  Instead, let me share a few things I'm grateful for:
  • A husband who gets it
  • The one absolutely perfect present I selected for T
  • Her four loving, engaged grandparents
  • BabyT's 6:30pm bedtime

I'm looking forward to the start of a New Year, and closing out this one.  Cleaning house, both literally and figuratively.

Oh, and this is the last I'll mention it, but if you're still thinking about signing up for Mondo Beyondo, you can use the coupon code BRAVEYOU2012 to get $20 off.  And let me know if you use my link and I'll share any bonus I get with you.  10 people I know have signed up!  I can't wait to hear how it goes for them.

Kristi Lloyd Photography, (c) 2011


  1. Merry Christmas! I understand where you're coming from—I've been feeling overwhelmed a lot lately, though yesterday was good. Here's to a better 2012!

    (still contemplating the Mondo Beyondo class; I think it would be good, but really worried about the time it would take)

  2. @Di - feel free to email me for more details, but it's not a TON of time. You can save the lessons up for the end of the week. Some of them are just reading a post, or listening to a short audio interview. I'd say on *average* maybe 15 min a day.


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