Sunday, January 22, 2012

Project Life: Week Two, Easy-Peasy

I'm still a whole week behind on posting Project Life, but in *real* life, I'm actually caught up with the pages, which is no small feat.  Tonight I've got to go through the week's photos and see if there are any decent enough to print. 

Last week's Snowmageddon confined us to home and made me stir-crazy so I didn't get a whole lot of pictures.  You'd think it was the perfect time to get cute kid and dog snow pics, but T declined our invitations to go out and play in the snow about a million times before she finally relented once, and stayed outside with TJ for a whole 10 min.  I can't say I blame her, since the snow on our deck was about a foot deep, and we don't have real snow boots for her, so we substituted her "froggy boots" instead.  Plus, snow = cold and wet.  Yeah, she's definitely my kid.

The good thing about house arrest was that I had plenty of time to work on my Project Life pages.  So here they are, for week 2.  If you click on the image, you can see a bigger version.

The second week of January was all about getting T's glasses, and the first time she played in the snow. I had more pictures than I had space for, so I had to choose carefully, and ended up squeezing 2 2x3 photos in the bottom left 6x6 spot on page 1.

I have a weakness for those "daily steals" websites, especially ones selling papercrafting supplies. Last year I bought 3 Sassafras Lass 6x6 paper pads with super-cute, bright colored designs. I never use them because I forget I have them - they live in a separate bin with my 8x8 paper, apart from my 12x12 paper and my scraps.

But they're perfect for the 6x6 slots here, so I predict I'll use a bunch this year. The colors coordinate nicely (mostly) with the PL kit I have, too - I'm trying not to be *too* overly matchy. One thing I learned from another PL blog is that on 6x6 paper, the designs are actually scaled down from what you see in the same line's larger sizes. It's obvious for designs where the paper itself is a "frame", but I didn't realize they also did that when it's an all-over pattern. Cool, right?

My funky cool "art project" for this week is the brightly colored 2x3 insert on page 2. I started with white cardstock and made a quick little sticker collage from some K&Co stickers in my stash. Easy, coordinates with the page colors, and fun. And didn't derail me from the "just get it done" philosophy.

I'm starting to realize for future weeks I need to make more of an effort to get photos of TJ and me, or things *I'm* doing. After all, it is our Project Life, not Project BabyT!  If you're doing PL, share yours in the comments please!


  1. I love seeing the pages that you come up with. I know what you mean about needing a better variety of pictures. I take tons of food pics, and a few kid pics, but that's about it. I'll have to work on branching out. But I think that will go on my wishlist for when I've got a better handle on the things I'm doing right now--that whole focus thing. =)

  2. It looks awesome! Good job!

  3. @Di- Thanks! Yes, focus is important, too :) Rather than trying to obsess about getting perfect shots, I try to at least remember to capture *something* about our day to day life, even if we're doing nothing particularly exciting.

    @Kris B - thanks for stopping by! Did you get started with yours?


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