Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tuesday Lovin': Mascara

Am I a weirdo because I compose blog posts and topics in my head when I'm nowhere near the computer?  I finally have a nice tab in OneNote where I can capture this stuff before it floats away into the ether. 

Anyway, one of the ideas is a series of things I love.  I know, no one really cares, but that's what personal blogging's all about, right?  hehe.  I tried to come up with some witty phrase, like "Wordless Wednesday", except I'm all about the words and there's nothing that comes to mind for Tuesday.

But everyone's Tuesday could use a little happy, right?  It's the second day of the work week, the long days stretching ahead, and nothing fun is ever scheduled on this day.  Perfect for a little shot of awesome.  This idea started with Cloud, who posted about things her family is into right now.

One of the things I've discovered recently is mascara.  I know, it's nothing new or exciting, but I've never worn it regularly until now.  I'm lucky to have black eyelashes, so there was never a need to make my lashes more visible, like my friends with light hair had to do.

The woman who did my wedding makeup told me I should always wear it to make my eyes "pop", whatever that means, but it seemed like a lot of work.  And mascara is one of those things you really need to toss after a few months - it gets gooey and clumpy, harbors bacteria, and c'mon people, you're putting it on your EYE.

So the pattern was:  I'd buy a really expensive tube of MAC or Lancome mascara, wear it a few times, and then throw it away a year later, horrified that I still had it.

I recently flipped through How Not to Look Old because apparently at 36 I'm supposed to start caring about that. I don't really, but the author is way into wearing mascara.  So I figured I'd give it a try (again).

This time I wised up. I bought a $7 tube of Cover Girl water-resistant mascara at Target. And OMG, I love it. I love it more than the expensive ones. It's crazy how it makes my lashes look LONGER and doesn't get weird clumpy bits. I can skip both eye shadow and liner with it, and still look good.  It doesn't bother my eyes when I'm wearing contacts or get streaky when my eyes water. I finally GET what people mean about eye-popping.

I *LOVE* it when the cheap product is BETTER than more expensive ones. I'm totally hooked now.  I even took it with me to Mama Weekend Away.

Really cool mascara art by catchydesign on Flickr

Are you pro- or anti-mascara?  Do you have a brand that you swear by?


  1. I'm pro-mascara for myself - I've been using el cheapo Maybelline Great Lash for ages in Dark Brown. Black is only for people with actual dark to black hair. I hate it when I see light blondes and redheads wearing black mascara. I guess I feel pretty strongly about that!

    "How Not To Look Old" is actually a helpful book. I wish my mom and aunt would read it, too. Should NEVER be given as a gift though. ;)

  2. @hush - interesting - i had no idea about the "rule" for brown vs black mascara :)

    How Not To Look Old had some helpful stuff, but IMO was way over the top, and some of the stuff I outright disagreed with. Also, while the author looks pretty good, she also looks kind of plasticky-fakey to me.

    Never as a gift, I totally agree :)

  3. I love mascara. In fact I am about to put some on at my desk since mine came off during my post-run shower.

    I bought a mascara sampler from Sephora and it has lasted me at least 2 years, maybe more. It was a collection of trial size bottles from all different brands. It let me try out different brushes and formulas and I never felt bad having to toss one because it was icky.

    For some reason the cheap stuff just runs on me or clumps up - every brand I tried. I finally found one that works really well for me (bare minerals flawless definition), so I actually bought a tube.

    (And I write entire blog posts in my head, they just never make it to the blog. ;))

  4. I'm pro mascara because when I was a wee teenager my grandma told me to never EVER leave the house without makeup on. I do leave the house without makeup on, but because I'm afraid she'll haunt me if I don't at least wear something, I put on some mascara. And like Hush I use a dark brown instead of black.

    I never thought about using the old tubes for art projects though...interesting.

  5. I have to admit, I'm not much good with makeup. I wear it during the week, but I stick with pretty neutral stuff. I seldom bother on the weekend, except maybe for some concealer to try to cover up the circles under my eyes. =) (the curse of really fair skin) When I do use mascara, I definitely stick with brown--black is way too dark for me. I use this one: http://www.clinique.com/product/1606/6096/Makeup/Mascara/Naturally-Glossy-Mascara/index.tmpl

  6. I always wear mascara- but I'm blonde, so my eyelashes are not dark. I agree with @hush- I wear brown or black/brown, never pure black.

    And thanks for the shout out! I'm glad my post inspired you.

  7. I'm trying really hard to get into makeup now that I'm 40, having totally missed that lesson in my teenage years. But mascara is the one thing that totally vexes me. I have blonde lashes so really, I should be wearing it, but either it clumps, or it smears all over and I have to start the whole eye makeup process from scratch, or it mysteriously disappears after an hour and I wonder why I bothered. I need some technique skillz, stat!

  8. Totally pro mascara. A makeup artist at the MAC counter told me ages ago to not buy expensive mascara b/c the cheap stuff was better. So! But I usually use Lancome b/c my aunt gets freebies and gives them to me. I like the stuff at target better, but am not about to turn down free.

  9. @Lynn - I think you need to try a couple of different brands. (Cheap ones!) I am makeup-incompetent and haven't had a ton of problems w/ mascara except when it's old.

    @Shalini - free is awesome, especially if it works!

    @Adrianne - I love Sephora. Love, love, love. They sell hope.

    @Jenn, Di, and Cloud - apparently you got the memo, too. I had never heard of such a rule! Good thing I didn't need it! :)

    So, brightly colored mascara? Cool or horribly 80s?


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