Friday, February 03, 2012

My new (vintage) baby, the Royal Quiet DeLuxe

Paper crafting blogs often post "craft porn", photos of some papercrafter's perfectly organized, purpose-built craft room that's bigger than our master bedroom. In one I noticed a bright pink vintage typewriter, tucked in a corner for the crafter to easily type titles on small pieces of paper.

That's when I started coveting a manual typewriter.  Yes, I have a printer and laptop in my craft room.  But I wanted something I could use quickly and easily to add words or phrases to a card or an embellishment.

I forgot about it, until someone in my Facebook stream posted a photo of typewriters for sale at an office supply store.  So I went out to Craigslist to see what I could find.

There were some truly gorgeous specimens in bright colors, orange with racing stripes (!) and bright blue, posted by a typewriter restorer.  But they were way out of my price range.  I wasn't willing to drop over $200 on a unitasker that I'd use only occasionally.

Then I saw an ad, in my area, for a 1940s Royal Quiet DeLuxe typewriter in good working condition for $45.  Score!  I made arrangements to meet up with the guy at a local Starbucks.  He explained that helps his mother sell antiques on Craigslist so she can make a little money and fund her estate sale hobby.  Cute, right?  I don't even care that she probably got this machine for $5 at a yard sale.  I've seen similar ones selling for $200, $300 and even $575 (!) online.

My new (old) baby

It's a gorgeous machine - clean, shiny glass topped keys, matte black, all metal, and works well.  There's no key for the number 1 or an exclamation point.  I guess I have to make do with a lowercase L and an apostrophe and a period together.  Apparently it was one of Ernest Hemingway's favorites.  You know, like the Moleskine notebooks I'm also so fond of.  (Good marketing foo, anyway.)

It's small, but it's *solid*.  Most of it is made out of metal.  I'm surprised at what good shape it's in - no dents, pieces missing, and all the keys still work.  Even the selector switch to toggle between red and black type works!  (And how cool is it that it comes with a red/black ribbon?!).

I ordered a couple of extra ribbons today for $8 each to make sure I don't run out - they're really easy to replace.  I love this thing!

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  1. Nice! I like how you've shy'd away from technology to get the look and feel you want.

    And what's up with the cigarette comment? Weird.


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