Wednesday, February 08, 2012

My toddler bosses me around a lot

Maybe this should be a topic series called "Things I Don't Like on Wednesday".  That list would probably be too long and not that fun to read.

But seriously, someone replaced my sweet toddler who used to spontaneously say "I love you mama" with one who tells us what to do ALL.THE.TIME.  Since we love her and she is ridiculously cute, it's really more funny than annoying. 

Just today she told me:
  • Stop talking with food in my mouth (ok, she's got a point)
  • Zip up my jacket (seriously?  is she my mother?)
  • Kidd Valley is my favorite restaurant (even when I told her it definitely was NOT)

TJ and I joke about this all the time.  We maintain a very intense look on our faces, hold out one hand like we're Diana Ross singing "STOP in the name of love", and say, in all seriousness, "No, you should like 3." 

This came about because we were asking each other our favorite number, and when I tried to tell Trillian I liked 26, she said "No mama, you like 2."  TJ tried to pick, and he got "No, you should like 3."  Case closed, I guess.

She doesn't have tantrums, thankfully, though we do get impulsive bursting into tears when she doesn't get her way.  She has gotten surprisingly good at putting words to her feelings (thanks to daycare), so I get statements like "I am mad at you Mama."  I guess I'd better get used to hearing that for about the next 16 years, right?

you SHOULD NOT put your hands in the fountain.  It's wet.

She also told a little boy that "It is NOT NICE to throw things" at the toy store train table today, when he accidentally knocked a train off a ramp and it went flying.  I tried to explain that it was an accident, all the while hoping I don't have *that* kid who needs to tell everyone the rules.  Sigh.

How long does this bossiness last, y'all??  And when do I get "I love you mama" back?  I miss those days.


  1. My five year old is pretty rules oriented...

  2. This is a two year old thing. We call it the "manager" phase. Rachel is in the middle of it. I think it was pretty short lived for Sam, though he remains a rule follower.

    The key for us is to recognize that she's learning to express her opinions and become a person with her own ideas about things. We try to offer more things that she can have input on, and that seems to help.

  3. I almost always get "I love you, too" so you can always fish for it. :) And I do my best to leave as many decisions as humanly possible up to the kids. I still end up telling them what to do a LOT, but if you see my kids out front barefoot in the snow, that's why. (They usually come in after a short time to get shoes, though sweatshirts / coats are another story entirely).

  4. Even when they don't think they can tell you what to do, they think you're their slave. "Why should I have to [fill in the blank with whatever chore or activity the child wants to avoid]?" We're pretty close to telling the 11-year-old that if he wants his laundry done, he can do it himself. The only reason we haven't is because we fear the kinds of messes he'll make.

  5. @nicoleandmaggie - yikes. I guess I probably was the same way, too so I'm probably due for several years of this.

    @adrianne - if my manager said these things to me, I'd clock him ;) but good to know that offering more choices might help. i try...

    @stephanie - i think little kids have some sort of internal thermometer that prevents them from getting cold at all. it's the same thing that powers those guys in Seattle who wear shorts when it's 50 degrees and sunny.

    @Bryce - 11 is *so* old enough to do laundry! Just get those little Tide tablets and he doesn't even have to measure detergent out! And while he's at it, he can do yours too!

  6. Ages 2.5 to 3.5 with DS were utter hell at times. DD (who turned 2 in Oct) is now starting to put us through the same brand of hell. It's just the age. It really sucks for a lot of people. Take heart though - 4 is an amazing, sweet age. It's all about "I love you, mama" and "Gimme a kiss." Hang in there.

  7. I hear you Girl, I Do !! My 3 yr old's like that sometimes :)

  8. We're not there yet as Z is only 20 months, but it sounds so terribly cute! (Of course, I'm sure I'll regret these words when my time comes.)

  9. @hush - 4 seems *so* far away! I'm not yet at the "I can't take it" stage, though so that's good.

    @Mom with a Dot - thanks for dropping by. I've heard 3 has its own challenges...

    @Ginger - it is pretty cute, to us anyway :) not sure how other people feel, though...

  10. HAHAHHA. When does the bossiness end? Um, I've got a 5 year old who still tries to boss everyone around. In fact, we called Nate "LB" for Little Boss.


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