Sunday, March 25, 2012

Eating like a grownup

TJ and I went to Canlis on Friday, and it was the perfect end to a rough week.  BabyT had been sick and both of us a little stir-crazy to be home.  I also got whatever ick she had, and I've gotten worse this weekend.  But I sure am glad we kept our dinner reservation.

We pretty much had an Early Bird Special reservation because that was all that was left for 2 weeks' notice.  A Canlis dinner is usually at least 3 hours for us, so it's not something we can attempt easily on a school night.  

Turns out the advantage of a before 6pm reservation is pretty great.  We got quite possibly the most awesome table in the entire place - right by the window, and we were facing each other, rather than sitting on the same side of the table which is typical for a lot of the 2 person tables.  It was a gorgeous clear day so we could look out over the city and also watch it get dark.   We weren't exhausted by the end of dinner (we've had a few 9pm reservations where we could barely stay awake by the end...).

I got the vegetarian tasting menu, which is always interesting.  This was a mango, avocado and cucumber salad.  With lime gel.  It reminded me of a Dr. Seuss drawing but it was YUMMY.

I'm much more willing to experiment with a veggie meal than a meat meal.  TJ got his usual favorites - the Canlis salad, and a couple more courses involving steak.  (What else?)

We didn't have to remind each other to use our "restaurant voice" or "sit facing forward please".  I didn't have to dig frantically for crayons to keep my dining partner amused until the food showed up.  It was blissful.  We decided we should do this more often. (We do every time, and then fail to keep the resolution of not eating crappy meals out at other places in order to keep Canlis money in the budget.)

And then we went back to our regularly scheduled normal life.

Something weird is going on with T's nap situation and if we weren't going on vacation to a completely different timezone in a week, I'd try to figure it out.  3 days this week (at home) she didn't nap at all.  But they say she does nap at preschool, though it's only about an hour or so.  It's probably related to being sick but I'm not sure.  On the nights she doesn't nap, we put her down for bed around 6 and she's out like a light until after 7 the next day, so clearly she still needs the sleep.  I guess the universe likes to keep us guessing.

I did get a giggle out of the fact that one non-napping day when I went in to get her after her not-so-Quiet-Time, she had taken off her socks and pants and was bouncing on the mattress.  Thankfully she did leave her diaper on. (Hooray for small blessings.)

Now I must leave you and get some sleep.  It's possible I'll fall asleep before BabyT, who is in her crib repeating the names of her preschool classmates.  I guess I should be glad she knows some of their names now, right?


  1. Lol. =) You got me with that last line. I'm glad you guys got to have some grown-up alone time. We should get to do a parents night out courtesy of the daycare sometime next month.

  2. I suspect kids need more sleep when there's more stuff going on-- the sleep helps them process the events. Whenever we'd go someplace brand new (Germany, Los Angeles), DC would just pass out on DH's shoulder. Similarly, DC started sleeping more when ze moved from preschool to pre-K/1st (and slept less when the first grade teacher was gone for 2 weeks). If there's napping at preschool but not at home, my guess would be there's a lot more new stuff going on at preschool than at home.


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