Thursday, November 01, 2012

Give me something good to eat

OK, so I'm cheating a little for National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo) because I didn't realize it was this month and I hadn't posted on Nov 1.  So I'm backdating this one.  My blog, my rules, yo.

Our neighborhood is pretty sad on Halloween.  In the 8 years we've lived here, we've gotten about 2 trick or treaters.  EVER. Most of our neighbors have grown children, plus we live at the top of a dark hill, so it's a lot of work for kids to come up, and probably doesn't seem very safe.  Judging from the number of neighbors with their lights on this year, it wouldn't have been worth all that walking anyway.

But despite my lack of enthusiasm for Halloween, I feel like if you're going to trick or treat, you should do it in your own neighborhood. I don't really get the mall thing, or this "trunk or treat" thing that local churches do. I'm only lukewarm about taking kids to work for the planned festivities, though it's nice to see a different side of my coworkers when their kids are around.

So I was determined that T's first ToT experience would be walking around our neighborhood in the cold and dark.  We all set out together, which was really nice.  We chatted with the neighbors we knew, and T was probably their only trick or treater, so they made a big deal out of it.  It was fun, and after the first house, T declared "we should do MORE trick or treating".  Though we couldn't actually get her to say "Trick or treat", so we settled on "can I please have a candy?" and "Happy Halloween!".

A good time was had by all and the wee ones were in bed by 7:30pm.  What more could we want?


  1. Our neighborhood was quiet this year, too. Which means I have a lot of leftover candy, which is dangerous. =)

  2. "Can I please have candy?" LOVE! :) That photo is adorable, too!! :)

    1. Thanks! We had to have a discussion before we went out about what she'd say that would be polite, if she didn't want to say Trick or Treat (she flat-out refused!). So I figured "Can I please have candy" worked ok, and she thanked everyone as well. No one tried to make her say ToT, which is good, since I'm afraid she might have had a meltdown if that happened. Ah, the joys of 3 years old :D

  3. She's officially the cutest little girl ever!!


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