Monday, December 10, 2012

Project Life: What Holidays? Edition

Now that we're in December and so close to Christmas, I have to figure out how to continue Project Life along with the December-not-so-Daily album I'm also working on. The December album is supposed to capture all of our holiday activities, but it's hard to separate those from our regular "life".  

But I tried to do just that, so this week, I bring you the "Saving Ourselves for December Daily" edition of our life. All evidence of holiday preparations has been studiously avoided here. (Which means I should really get working on that holiday album!)

This time I grabbed the Studio Calico kit closest to me - November's Penny Loafers. I am ashamed to say I hadn't even unpacked it from the mailing box. Sigh. But maybe a clean, well-organized craft room is a sign of someone who isn't spending time actually crafting. Yeah, that's what I'll tell myself.

Doing these spreads with a kit makes it so much faster, as well as giving it a more cohesive look as I've mentioned before. This time I forced myself to use only what came in the kit, and to pick only 2 patterned papers.  I LOVED the sequins and the Crate Paper vellum stitched garland. I have crappy photos of my layouts again since it gets dark at 4pm here.  (Click for a larger version and sorry again for the weird reflections.)

Nov 26 - Dec 9: Being silly at home and candy at Westlake Center

Nov 26 - Dec 9: BabyM's 2 mo appointment, Mama Day at preschool, more silliness

This time I also tried to remember to write about things I didn't have photographic evidence for, like lunches with friends. I also felt like getting a little crafty so I did some stamping and used my AMAZING Martha Stewart Glitter Glue and Ranger Liquid Pearls on the title card because I love sparkle and don't use those things enough!

One of the things I've noticed is that I need to *see* my crafty stash or I won't use it. So I leave my stamps and ink, glitter glue and liquid pearls, and my pre-cut journaling cards all within sight and reach on my craft table. That way when I need a little *something* and I'm not sure what I'm looking for, I can quickly survey what I've got and actually use it. It also saves time and keeps me from getting sidetracked as I poke through my stash and find long-forgotten pretties. 

Since there are only 22 days left in the year, I'm going to do one last 2-page spread for the rest of December, which will also give me time to focus on my December-no-pressure-holiday album.  I'm already looking forward to Project Life 2013! Anyone else contemplating doing it next year?


  1. Really like these pages. I haven't started on my December PL yet, but I'm thinking I'll just fill it up with extra pictures and very little else. I have a few random stories floating around to use. The kit works so well here, I loved that add on a lot.

    1. Thanks! Yes, it was my favorite add on last month. I wish there was more paper in it, though - it only had 4 sheets :(

  2. I am thinking about it..... but I'm so not a scrapbooker.... I wrote about it here

  3. Wonderful pages! Can't wait to see your Christmas album now!

  4. Really great idea to leave those sparkly products on your table for last minute additions. TFS!

  5. You kill me. You're making the rest of us new(ish) mothers look bad. :)

  6. sucked me in. I'm going to do Project365 next year and just purchased the Cobalt version of Project Life...Stay tuned.

  7. Love your spread, so cute! Nothing more adorable than babies in towels:)

  8. Love how you have kept up with project life. I am asking santa for a kit for next year. thanks for sharing.

  9. Love your layouts! I am really impressed that you managed to keep the holidays out of your layouts..not sure I could do that. Good luck with your holiday album!
    Totally going to be doing this next year too. I'm enjoying it so much this year.


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